Thursday, January 24, 2013

A filled week, and it's not over.

Happy Thursday one and all!
Despite me being unemployed, I've had a week filled with projects. Brian is an ongoing project and as we keep learning one another, I find him a charming and loving personality.

This past Tuesday was the free day at LACMA where they currently have two nice exhibitions. The couple of shots below are from their Kubrick exhibit. 


I've also been working on commissions. This dress from my 20s repro is for a lovely lady. She picked out the fabric, and I really like how this is coming together. I put a lot of details in this dress.

The pockets are backed with yellow cotton.

I matched the thread to the red pique fabric detailing the collar.

Half the collar (the back) required a facing piece.

 The flaps on the pockets are also done in the red pique.

The pleats on the side are in a lovely pale yellow cotton.

It's nearly complete, and once it hangs for a day or so I'll hem it and send it off to its new owner.

This is just the start. Once this dress is complete I have another to finish up, mending and sewing projects to work on and perhaps some costume commission work. Whew! If only all this sewing were enough to pay rent. Ha!

Have a great day everyone!


ladykatza said...

Um, cool projects but wait, what? You're unemployed??

Peter Lappin said...

What a charming dress -- and adorable (and big) dog!

Shelley J said...

Yeah, lady. I lost my job (laid off) last week. Not a big deal. I felt it coming for months and working at a job that makes you anxious with job insecurity is kinda a downer.

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