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Sweaters part 2: Nip and tuck

Happy Monday.

*random cat photo*
It's still strange for me to sink in the new year. I know it will take a while to write the new date, but sometimes I keep thinking, geee, when is stuff going to start? I plan on doing a goals for the year post shortly, but this post is about sweaters.

I love to fill up my weekend with projects. Whether it be laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, putting stuff away, cooking, baking, walking Brian, sewing and painting all in one day, I try to do it. I love feeling productive, and I never feel I'm productive enough. I want to change that feeling and stop putting off stuff that I just get too lazy about. The thing is, most of that stuff is my own maintenance, especially mending my clothes.

As I posted last time about my sweaters, I find them to be a big hole in my wardrobe. I love me some sweaters, and after altering and changing the buttons on some of my sweaters, I find they need to be taken in.

That knit, boy, it just stretches out sometimes. I loath the boxy look on me with sweaters. Makes me look like a rectangle. Using Onda as a loose model, I darted nine sweaters and sewed them into a more desirable shapely silhouette.

 I also picked up some more iDye and dyed my last two wrap sweaters.
This one, I have to say, is the first disappointment with iDye. This sweater's color dye was labeled lilac, and it is rather splotchy for the color it is. Also, the lilac turned out to be rather cool in color, not the red toned blue I was expecting. Oh well. I'm sure if I re-dye it with something else it will turn out nice.

See how splotchy that back is?

This is the kelly green sweater that I originally did in RIT. 
I re-dyed it with iDye, and it finished out great.

The color is even and bright. I may wear this one tomorrow :)
I guess the lesson is, re-dye is worth a try!


  1. I love the sweater alterations. it never would have occurred to me to dart a sweater (which is why I look like a box I suppose). Must hit up my Goodwill for some to experiment on. I'm always happy to learn a new skill- THANK YOU!!!


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