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December Showcase: brooch edition

Good morning everyone. 
It's raining this morning so I had to cut Brian's walkies short. He's just had breakfast and now is chewing on a bone. I love having a dog in the house again.

December brought no patterns for me. I haven't seen many patterns out there that I have had to have lately, so no recent acquisitions. What I want to do is reorganize my current pattern collection to really see what I have. Perhaps list some of my excess in my etsy store.

This past month did involve some lovely things.
I got these for my birthday. It was a treat for myself.

I bought this mug from a store in my home town, Louisville, KY, and I love it because I'm a cardinals fan, born and bred.

I also have a big treat for you all. This month I went on a brooch binge. I was looking through my current collection and felt I needed to add to it. I don't do necklaces or rings or bracelets much, it's all brooches. I looked online for some cheap not photographed well brooches, and plucked up most of these for $3-$10.

This flower one w as listed to be from the 30's. The clasp is quite interesting with a pull out mechanism. I might date it late 30s, early 40s.

This one I got from across the pond :) The paint is worn, but I think that adds to it's character.

This 40s one is my current favorite. It's as obnoxiously large as it looks. I think it looks like the flying spaghetti monster.

I'm gathering a love for bar pins. I'm drawn to their intricate detailing and hint of painted color. I have a couple and I may be adding to the collection.

This cute painted milk glass brooch is most likely 30s.

A cute 50s novelty brooch. At least I think it's 50s. It might be later.


I'm also loving plain sark pieces. This milk glass brooch is set on a copper background.

I also picked up a large lot of pins and hat pins. Frankly I got the lot for the pin stops, which seem to be hard to come across.  Here are some of the better ones.

These are most likely 60s. 
Well, that's about it for this go. I love showing you all stuff, I know you'll appreciate it.
Have a great rainy day!!


  1. A lovely collection! I too am a brooch lover and simply adore the telephone brooch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute jewelry! Love the telephone brooch and the poodle. And Brian is just SO adorable.


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