Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I will now monogram EVERYTHING!

Hello lovely people.

This isn't the toy I was waiting for. That's a button hole attachment.
This is a device I've had forever but I JUST NOW started to give it a try.

When I acquired this, I didn't think I had the right adaptors to use it. That and I was intimidated. I get that way when it comes to these big devices.

The Deluxe Monogrammer makes letters 1 1/2" tall. The letters are on individual cams, and the monogrammers don't provide all the cams with the device. I've looked online and have found some the ones I don't have (I need about 10 to complete the alphabet), but I have my initials already, SMJ, and a flower detail so that's good to start.

The first step is to make the positing with the template.

Then you sandwich the fabric between a paper stabilizer (what they recommend) and the foot of the device.

I found the more I practiced that if I delicately held down the fabric, I wouldn't get much shift.

Then you just peel off the paper.

Playing around I think that using the mid range widths and stitch lengths of my machine is the best for this size monogram. Now that I know that, I can't wait to put letters on EVERYTHING!!

Oh, gadgets!

And Vintageville is on it's way. I'm mid episode so rest assured.

Thanks and have a great day!! 


Emileigh said...

That is SO COOL! Is it a new attachment that can still be bought or a vintage find?

Shelley J said...

Its a gadget that dates from 1969. It only works on slant shank Singer machines. They are all over ebay at varying prices.

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