Friday, August 21, 2015

Playclothes Friday: Graveyard castoffs.

Hello lovely people.
I haven't done a Playclothes Friday in a few weeks because I haven't had much to repair. I have some old projects I will post but I have to look up the photos.

I do have a couple of items that were graveyard that I got gifted from Playclothes and I'm making use out of them.

Made a half slip from an old 50s full length slip.

Cut it to the length I wanted, made a casing for the elastic waist, and presto.

The back of the slip is actually longer than the front (for my bum), so I marked it so I could tell which was from t and back.

 I also got a little treasure that is a diamond in the rough.
A once beautiful 50s sharkskin fabric gown with a lot of top stitching appliqué.

The dress is gorgeous and they wanted me to save it, but as you can see, the whole left side of the dress is totally sun stained and damaged beyond repair.

The beautiful grape vines and leaves on this multi gored skirt, front and back, and the bodice as well.

The pattern is mirrored, which makes it sad when you look at the left side of the skirt.

The fabric is completely rotten and tears at the slightest stress. So sad! 

The dress can't be saved, but the bright side is, I got it now!
Once I have it dry cleaned, I plan on making a skirt from the panels that are salvageable.

That's it from me.
I'll talk to you all next week.
Have  a great weekend!


SJ Kurtz said...

The dress makes me sad, but it's lucky it ended up with you.

Hey, is it called sharkskin because of the texture or the weight and the texture? I am familiar with the sharkskin suit from books, but in real life, not so much.

Shelley J said...

Its the weave. Excuse my lack of terminology, but as I recall, traditionally done in cotton, the vertical is unfinished cotton (like real denim) and the cross weave is a nylon or a colored cotton.

The result is a sheen on the fabric with its tight weave. I have some polly sharkskin and a couple other dresses too. Sadly the fabric is really hard to find.

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