Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The second satchel bag is complete - with a MONOGRAM!!

Hello lovely people.

I made the satchel again using a maroon colored denim and a light cotton plaid curtain I got from the thrift store. I felt extra special and cut the inside lining on the bias.

Wanting to practice my bias trim again, I trimmed the flap of the bag.

I really like the look and it was pretty easy.

I also cut the pocket detail on the bias, but when I attached them to the bag, I ran into a problem.

Apparently the bulk of the denim was too much compared to the layers of cotton. The stitch just would not catch and it created all sorts of suckiness. I'd sewn a thicker disparity in fabric thickness but for some reason this time it didn't work. I needed a plan B.

For the top of the pocket I affixed bonding adhesive to the gap and then for the bottom of the bag I stitched the bag shut from the inside. Good fix, me.

Next I decided to add some fun plaid like details and stitched this honeycomb design on the strap and bag.

And last but not least…

Told you I would monogram everything!


They turned out really good. I'm so happy with them.
Now I think I'm ready to make a dress again. I'm going dancing this Friday, so I may be able to whip one up by then. We will see.

Have a great day!


Valerie said...

Great bags! I love the monograms.

Robin said...

Very Nice! A new line - monogrammed bags - perhaps?

Shelley J said...

Nope. no one would pay for the effort/design/labor of it.They took me about 5-6 hours each.

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