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So how many men's pajama patterns do you really have?

I'm so glad I can answer a question no one asked.

I suppose 'why' would be the question to ask that no one asked, but I'm at a loss as to why I currently own 5 men's jimjam patterns. And YES, I know the lower left DuBarry is a onesie, but come on, it's a onesie!!

Let's stop with the random.

"Hey Shelley, what DID you do this weekend?"

Me? Why, I wasted time making something that I could have put off for a while instead of doing important things. But don't we all do that?

Really, I used my entire weekend to make two bags. Not that I didn't need them, but with the success of the doggie/hiking bag, I decided to replace my sad and overused canvas carry all that just needs to be tossed in the trash before it gets washed again.

Using the canvas bag as a loose pattern, I decided to make my new satchels cross over the torso. I like bags that do that and it's comfortable and secure with all the walking I do.

This kind of project is fun because you can use scraps or cheaper fabric because you know that it's going to take a beating. I used some left over denim and some colorful polly cotton for the lining.

AND you get to use some of that, "why in the world did I get that color," thread for overlocking.

I followed the same format as far as treatment of pieces as I did for the hiking bag.

I did add a little bling because you all know me and I wanted to practice my trim ability. I used top stitch thread to add some detail to the bag.

Those patch pockets are sewn to the back inside before I added the 3" band around the two front and back pieces.

Thanks to the power of thread matching you can barely tell they were sewn.
I did quite a bit of thread swapping on this. More on the other bag. Geeze, will I ever learn.

I was only able to top stitch the front piece of the bag band because once the bag was made, there was not enough wiggle room to get it all to lay flat and sew the top stitch. A small loss.

Strap ahoy!


One of the main things I did was add a pocket for the large water bottles I tend to carry. This way they will stop banging around inside the bag. The bag is very left side tailored. I'm a lefty and I carry stuff on my left side.

Lastly I added a shoulder guard mainly to protect the strap from neck sweat.

This bag is about 80% complete. I'm waiting on a sewing toy that was supposed to come Friday. I hope it works when it gets here.

That was half of my weekend. The other half I'll post later.
How did YOU waste your weekend?!

Happy sewing!!


  1. I have a few men's pajama patterns, all of which I'm going to sell because my guy doesn't need me to sew for him lol.

  2. Great bag! I love how it is personalized to your preferences.

  3. Love the bag series, had to comment on the fiji water bottle. They were the go-to water bottle around here for years: they hold up really well in a bag pocket. Like that bag pocket, right there!

  4. I only get that water because the bottle is so good. I think Ive had that bottle for about 3 months now.


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