Monday, March 1, 2010

Depression era dress in real life

Welp, the BBQ got rained out, wouldnt you know it! Some friends and I spent a lot of time getting our outfits together, and as an alternative, a friend invited us over to his place for cocktails and such. So we decided to make a day of it.

First my friends Jen, Bruce and I went to the 101 Diner and had breakfast. Then, we drove to Pasadena and decided to go to the Antique mall there. Well, we so got caught in a rain shower and Jen and I were huddled under one umbrella saying 'crap' every two steps.

But once we got to the mall, we had fun looking around for a good hour and a half. I just looked, Jen bought a great 40s dress with the entire bodice done in pintucks. That is where this picture was taken. Its an odd angle. I look like a bean.

After that, we went to our friends place, chatted and had cocktails (I made my own Old Fashioned for the very first time) and then some of us went for dinner. Then I came home, I was pooped. I think Im still recovering.


Shrinky Inky said...

the whole thing looks really great - very authentic, LD!! I hope the BBQ gets rescheduled when our "weather" settles down a bit!

Wearing History said...

I love this dress! Sounds like a fun day, despite being rained out.

NewVintageLady said...

Thanks ladies. I wish Jen had told me how the jacket was draping on my boobs, I would have fixed that.

Betty Darling said...

Gorgeous outfit, the colour looks great on you!

kelly said...

I absolutely love this dress. It looks fab on you! Do you have a pattern for it? Do you make them on a commission basis?

Shelley J said...

YEs and yes, Kelly. The dress is a repro in my etsy store, and I do take commissions. Email me. :)

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