Friday, March 18, 2011

Man Month Project: The WWI Hat in linen conclusion

Last night some friends and I went to Lindy Groove in Pasadena. It's a Thursday night dance fest full of great swing musing and fun. I've been before, and had a good time. It's strange. Some in the dancing circles around the LA area think of Lindy Groove as like the 'dinner' of dancing places. They often say the music sucks, but this time there was a good DJ that most seem to agree on, so I thought it was a good time.

This time I've had a few dance lessons and went to the free class they offered and learned quite a bit. Even was asked to dance a couple of times. One lead threw me around like a rag doll, it was fun.

But the real reason we went was to support our friend, Cary. He was debuting his soda jerk business and from the constant people partaking in floats, ice cream with green sprinkles, and  homemade ice cream sandwiches, it was a hit.

I told him I was going to make this hat for him, but then a friend told HIM I would have it done by last night. Well, I never said that, even though the week prior I though I could, but as we all know stuff happens during the weeks, so I didn't think I could make it. I just thought that was odd that someone would tell the client of my schedule in making something when I'm talking to the client. Aw well.

Turns out the hat as not as hard to make as I thought it was going to be (that's part good and part bad) so I was able to put the full Shelley detail on it and it looked smashing. 

As I finished the final details of the hat, I had to cut down a lot of the bulk that was around the band on the inside of the hat. Turns out the original had the same problem. 

I had a lot of layers of fabric, and they decreased a lot of the extra width I added to the hat, so I had to get creative and trim a lot of stuff off and away. I'll have more final shots on NVL shortly.

I wasn't there when he opened it, I forget where I was, but I had a cloth bag made for it (made of the striped material I had left over from my men's underpants) and I tied it with a green bow (yay St. Patty's day). He was thrilled and I thought it might not have been large enough, but he said it fit *perfectly*. That pleased me.

I might even make myself one. 
I'm seeing a blue linen. I think it can be womanly, in a butch kind of way :)

The rest of the night was fun. Did some dancing, walked around, talked with some gals about sewing, had this real silly photo taken. That seems to be my speciality. I take a lot of silly photos. Some people would be embarrassed by. I mean in this one I look pregnant and my slip is showing, classy. I'm not going to even acknowledge the facial expression. *sigh*

I try to own my appearance. It's not like people don't know what I look like, but I am having an ugly month this month. I guess that's one reason I'm doing Man Month. I feel ugly right now. It happens to everyone, and I know I'll get over it, but I just feel like I look like a troll. So bear with me a bit longer with Man Month until I feel like my old self again.

Happy sewing!


Janice said...

The hat looks great! And you are not ugly at all -- despite what you might feel!

Peter said...

OMG, Shelley, I must be at least twenty years older than you so please believe me when I say that you are beautiful and, moreover, you have fantastic taste and an original look. Everybody takes a bad picture now and then and we all experience the "uglies" every so often. But you're going to look at those same pictures some day in the years ahead and wonder why you beat yourself up when you were so young and adorable and if only you could have appreciated it at the time!

You're allowed to feel what you feel, but don't let it overwhelm you (if you can). Be kind to yourself.

angldst said...

oh, you look cute. Love the dress, and the hat turned out swimmingly. I need to make a hat like that for a costume I'm doing for myself. Gotta get on it, though, the events at the end of april and I have a lot of sewing to do for it!


Eva said...

You look pretty, that smile is wonderful. Regarding the hats I've made two similar for myself, but without the turn-ups:

And I think they look gay (in the original sense) and perky and not particularly butch.

Shelleyj said...

Aw, you all are sweet. Honestly, me posting that was not a fish for compliments. But it never hurts to hear them once and awhile.

Im just going through my icky phase right now. I know it will pass. I appreciate all the kind words :)

Lee Duncan is HatStruck said...

I love hats, and this one is really cute.

Lisette said...

Aren't those months the worst? :( I love the hat you made! I'm glad someone else likes millinery sewing. You don't know how lucky you are to have somewhere to go dressed up in all your vintage glory!

synj-munki said...

you look great! Oh, and I made my hat from your pattern but don't have a great pic of it yet.

Bianca Adams said...

Is there a link to the pattern? I want to make it. Super cute.

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