Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have a historical treat. While I was scouring eBay a few weeks ago, I came across this wig book. It's a book for black wigs, a very rare item to find indeed! Beauty and fashion products were advertised to black people but because of the small circulation, they are very hard to find. This one is most likely from the 1900s to the late teens, and I was the only bidder, yay!

The wigs are fascinating to read through. I love the descriptions of the hair. A lot of them use 'creole' hair, which is just bi-racial hair, but the buns, wigs, and extensions have fascinating descriptions to read. I'll post the entire book over a few Catalog Sundays from now 'till the end of the year :)



Summer said...

These wigs and pieces are fascinating, thanks for sharing!

Five and Diamond said...

Verrrry cool find. I always look forward to Catalog Sundays!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Interesting. It never occurred to me that in those vintage pictures, the women actually could have been wearing wigs

eileensbasement said...

Wow, what an amazing find! I'm so glad that it has such a good home and thank you very much for posting for all of us to enjoy.

monika said...

They have really thick edges! I wonder if it was supposed to look like your own hair or if wigs were fashionable?

Shelleyj said...

I noticed the edges, too, but I think that was more to show how they were. Im sure like with every other time in modern history, you did not want people to know you were wearing a wig :)

I've seen photographs of black women with wigs during this time, and like in places mentioned in the booklet, I'm sure the ladies used their own edges to give the 'real' look.

John Ashley said...

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