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September is gonna be different!

Happy new month everyone!

Last month was probably my worst in a long time. I'm glad it's over.
I've got a slew of things already happening. My new scanner should be here TODAY, and I'm super excited! Two weeks with no scanner has been crap. I never knew how much I used it and how vital it was to a lot of my work. Some things just ground to a halt. I have a doctor's appointment next week. I still have my throat congestion, so I'm glad to get it looked at.

I also have about three leads on some freelance, long term freelance. I don't know how it will all play out, but I'm going to stay positive about it.

Through all the stress of last month, I did manage to get started on my #2 of the PPP. I'm using some vintage flower seersucker that I bought from Playclothes. I had to do a lot of piecing, including a panel of the skirt.

I also had to get creative with the back of the bodice. I didn't have enough of the solid navy, or the flower so a combo was all I could do. The good news is I was able to match the grain of  the seersucker, so I won't have to worry about twisting.

I did make one mistake. I used the wrong side of the flower print, on accident. 

You can't really tell too much, and it was the only way to get that piece to fit correctly. I tell you, working with limited fabric is like putting together a puzzle.

I also had to cut in some fancy places. The built in facing piece I omitted and I replaced with a linen backed in cotton. On this dress, I'm going to add some fabric covered buttons across the bodice. I have enough of the navy seersucker to cover them. I'll add those later.

It's almost complete and this one despite the patching went together very, very fast. I'm happy about that. Now for the rest of the day I have to get some paperwork together for the potential freelance. 
Eeeep! I hope I get it!

Anyone else have anything going for this month?
Hope it all happens for you!


  1. That blue and green and white look spectacular. I can't wait to see this on you!

    Yes, it is much like a puzzle. Do you ever piece things, almost like a quilt?

  2. Good luck on the job prospects! My mother was a master at fitting a pattern on limited material. I tell you, she could make a ball gown out of a yard of material!


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