Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adding to the wardrobe.

This has been a strange series of weeks. Things not coming together, then them coming together, jobs, hoping, you know, life. I've felt like I haven't been able to take care of myself lately. It's strange, tiring. Perhaps it's the hot weather because this past weekend made me feel a lot better. That and watching The Golden Child again (love that movie).

I also had tremendous luck. Greyhound FINALLY sent me the money for my missing royal chrome settee. Oh, that's not it. I also finally, FINALLY found another couch frame! Squeeeee! I was thrilled when I found it, thrilled! It should be here sometime at the end of the month (non Greyhound shipping).

And as I wait for it with bated breath, I've been sewing.

And sewing requires new thread.
I've also been feeling like a slob lately. I've lost over 2" in the bust, and this transition size has required me to make new clothes. I now have practically an entire closet full of things that don't fit. I'm thinking of having a one day dress sale in my etsy store. I'll think about that.

I haven't been going out much because I do so love to be at home. I'm a homebody and I'm very good at keeping myself busy (I made sushi for the first time). I enjoy my own space and now that dancing is on the back burner, I have TONS more time at home and I'm honestly grateful. 

Combine that and the hot wether and gong out is not my first option. I mostly roll out of bed, wash my face, brush my teeth pull on some jeans and a sweater and go to work. I have missed wearing my dresses. But then again, most of my dresses don't fit. 

I've made this pattern five times now and I think I've perfected it.
I love piping.

This dress is a gray cotton with a cool 30s inspired pique. Because this dress is collarless, using piping to finish the edges is a super quick and lovely detail!

This dress is a plum cotton sateen with a white cotton accent.

The below dress is a great linen with a plum cotton accent. I even piped the waist, 
something I've never done before. Now I don't need a belt!

On the two above dresses, I cut the front bodice pice mirrored. On this one below, I actually took in the right side of the bodice nearly 2" in the bust so I could decrease that front waistline/bust gather. A bit more work but it was a wise decision.

Because I have made this dress so many times I can now make it from cut to skirt hang in 6 hours.

I think this one so far is my favorite. I'm going to a cocktail party this weekend and I may wear it.
Just a few more touches on these three and they are all done. Onda is still modeling them, but now that they are not cut from the slopers I made, they drape kinda strange on her, especially beneath the arms.

I also got my house robe patten in the mail. Yay! I'll be working on that for MnM very shortly.

That's it on my end. Hope you all have a great day and geek out about getting new thread like I do!


Valerie said...

All the dresses look fantastic, but I'd love to see you in the plum sateen--I think it would be a beautiful color on you. And yes, I geek out on new thread and sewing notions! Hoping you have a wonderful day!

Nothy Lane said...

I like the plum sateen too. It is a great colour. I like the piping on the dresses too.

SJ Kurtz said...

Super SQUEEEE on the couch front! I trust you still know the welding friend?

Assembling the make and mend piles at Ernie Central. Mostly remodel.

Easily Amewsed said...

Very glad you had good luck with the couch refund.
I also think the plum sateen rocks the size of the print really makes it pop... very awesome.

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