Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Showcase!

Hi everyone. I hope the last days of August have been good for you. Me? It's been a strange.

Apparently my phone line provider (the one that carries my DSL) disconnected my phone line AFTER I paid them. Well, they didn't just disconnect the line, they terminated my DLS service, which is ran by another company! WTF! Who does that! In any account, my DSL tried to remedy the situation by terminating AT&Ts termination request, which they did, but they also put in a new request and well, that screwed everything up. So here I sit, in the hall of my building on mooched wi-fi on the lame battery of my laptop. I'm looking at two weeks until my service is reinstated. Geeze, what did I do to deserve this!?

It's been a strange few weeks. Work changed, again, and I don't know if I told you all this, but the team of 4 illustrators work gave me went away a few weeks after I got them. We didn't have enough time to prove what we could do but for the third time I can count they took the project out off my hands and gave it to someone else. And that someone else changed everything again. *sigh* I had to have a long talk with a friend about it. My feelings of being looked over, not given a chance, etc. She finally told me  what i wanted to hear, just don't care about the project. I have a habit of caring about stuff I work on, even to the point of absurdity. I guess that is why getting passed by after I have been given control on a project is so frustrating. Granted, I'm just giving you all the sort end of this whole description, but lets just say that was the source of a lot of my frustration over the last few weeks. From now on the job is just a paycheck.

I did get some goodies though. I arranged some of my smaller  vintage papers into a frame and hung it.

I also hung my WWII lady. I'll have her properly framed soon enough.

Okay! On to sewing!

Okay, some confessions. To tell you the truth, I haven't been all up and in the sewing vibe lately. I just haven't felt it. I have been doing some art, which is what has been calling to me these last few weeks, I guess I'm gearing up for looking. Not for another job, I'm not stupid, or even overly righteous, but just something else to advance myself, because I did think this job was going to do that. Now I know better.

All the fabric ranges from 1/2 yard to 5 yards.
These two are going to be my next dresses.
I did decide to practice a little retail therapy. I bought tons of cotton from JoAnns. Not my first choice, mind you, but hey, coupons are coupons :)

I also realize what I forgot to show you all last month. I did buy a pattern. A rather good one, mind you. Okay, not a pattern, a pattern system.

Any lovely German speaking followers willing to translate this for me? I'll trade you all a copy of the system in exchange.

So that's it for now. I wasn't feeling too swell for work so I took the day off and I'm at home. I plan on working on a dress and maybe cooking, though I'm still a juicing fiend.

Okay all, I'll see you later! :)


Meredith Catherine Doulton said...

my Mum is a native german speaker and she would be delighted to translate this for you in exchange for a copy.
We are in New Zealand, but would be happy to pay for the postage if that helps.

synj-munki said...

i've had really good luck typing things into Google translate.

Lyndle said...

What a cool book! The patterns look awesome. Hope your dsl is fixed soon. :-)
PS was it the middle of the night when you blogged this? Us New zealanders seem to be the first commenters.. and if it's 3pm here it's either Really Early or Really Late where you are.

Lauriana said...

I'm Dutch, but I know a bit of German and I'm familiar with that book. It's called 'the Golden Cut (in both German and Dutch the words for 'section' and 'cut' are very similar making the title a witty play on 'golden section') and is a 'draft patterns to size' method. There should be miniture patterns printed in a section of the book, and it probably starts with instructions on how to use those. A complete set contains a special ruler for that purpose. I own a Dutch version of the book but, judging from the designs, mine is from a later date. I didn't even know there was an older version (the oldest dated one I've found was from 1952 but mine seems earlier, and the most recent edition I know of was printed in the 1970's)

Shelley J said...

This is from the 30s. It has the ruler and is complete. Thanks for the description, Lauriana :)

Nothy Lane said...

I use the Lutterloh system too. You have to be experienced enough to be able to sew without directions. But the patterns are simple and generally you can figure it out. There is a blog dedicated to Lutterloh - just google it and you'll find it. I don't think you need the info translated really. But I have an English version from the early 1970s that has the same info...generally how to work the tape measure (if you don't have one you can print one off line or buy one from Lutterloh for $15 (or so) It isn't listed on their website but just call or email them.)and how to make the patterns into your size. I can photocopy my and send it to you if you want to trade....OH! ANd this goes without saying, but photocopy the patterns before measuring the pieces to your size - the thumb tack will ruin the pages!

I hope this exhaustively long comment isn't too much of a bother to you!!!

Janice said...

I love your fabrics, especially the pinks and oranges!

Dangtryagain said...

I have a copy of an 1980's version of the golden rule system, I got at a thrift store for 5 dollars, it has all the instructions. I am so jelous of your haul.


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