Friday, September 28, 2012

I've made this dress six times...

And I'm not tired of it. 
In fact, I have it down to a science and can make this dress from cut out to hem in 7 hours. Yeah baby!

Hi everyone!

I think what makes this dress so fast is that it has no zipper or button placket. I trim the edges, wrap it and I'm out the door! Well, maybe not that quick :)

I mean, I've gotten this dress so down that I'm adding more detailing to it just because. Rick-rack, piping (mama loves piping), the color block on the drape of the skirt, so easy to make details.

I love adding those small touches as you all know. It just takes a day dress to an exciting dress. People have stopped me and given me so many compliments on the details.

For this last linen dress because I pipped the waistline, I decided to add some casing around the oval elastic loop. It turned out great.

I don't know if I'm going to make this dress again, but now I have to think about another wrap design that I can tweak as well as this one.

Super cute, right!!

It's so good to have a design that you are so comfortable with. One that fits so well, and one that I can make in my sleep. It feels like a success. Feels swell.

**random cat photo**
As for other things, I have a dye fail I'm going chat about tomorrow. The first dying I do since moving and it was a disaster. *sigh*

But when thinking about that great fit and making a pattern over and over, how about you, do you all have a pattern that you've taken the time to tweak and are just in love?

Have a great Friday!


MistressCatgirl said...

You look great in that dress. It's great when you can get a garment down in making time isn't it? Love the kitty. Fluffy toes.

sew vala said...

For me it would be the dress I choose for your Plain pattern project. All the same and yet so different. In fact today I have decided to join you on your new Make and Mend.

ROBIN said...

I love that dress. Is there a custom pattern available?

Shelley J said...

Thanks ladies. Robin, I was thinking about making a repro of this dress. The pattern takes a lot of paper, though. Ill look into it :)

Lottie Lee said...

I love the fabric you used! I really need to get into sewing again :) The dress looks great! I've got about 4 dresses of the same design just in different prints- when you're on to a good thing there's no reason to quit!

Stay Glamorous!

xxxLottie Lee

Helen Keyes said...

You look beautiful in the dress. I'm intending to wear simple dresses at home. It is casual outfit but very nice.


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