Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have some quaint pattern illustrations from a local mail order catalog. I saw this catalog a few months ago and simply missed out on the auction. I was thrilled to find another copy, because I though this one was super rare seeing it is a mail order.

So war time 40s, so fashionably spring.


What-I-Found said...

This is from my local paper, but it does predate me by quite a few years. ;-)
But it's treasure!
Thanks so much.

Sarah said...

So cool! I have this exact catalog, but sent out by a different publication. I always wondered which parts were customized.

The differences are all on the cover -- mine says "Hoard's Dairyman: Book Of fashions" and in the little box the ordering instructions are different of course. Interestingly, Hoard's Dairyman only charged 12 cents for the exact same patterns. I had no idea mail order pricing wasn't consistent. So cool to find this out. Thanks so much for posting yours!

Jen said...

What a treasure! What fascinates me is that even the blouses were fitted for a woman's figure. Why don't we see that very often anymore unless it's homesewn?

Lovely finds, they're all SO pretty!

Shady Grove said...

These dresses are really pretty. They're a little softer and more feminine than the Sears ones we saw last week.

What year is this? I have a 1945 Home Companion that shows very similar hairstyles (that soft pageboy roll) but the dresses seem a little earlier.

Shelley J said...

Its 1944.

Lynn said...

Lovely. I guess this is just more proof that my tastes are outdated. My mother was still a child in 1944 but I would wear any of these dresses today.

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