Thursday, June 14, 2012


Woah, where did the week go!

Seriously!? I have no idea where my head has been this week. It's all a blur.
I know I've been sewing, at least for others. That's it! I've been sewing tons of stuff for other people. One thing that's been a real challenge is a friend's wedding dress. I'm tailoring a 50's dress for her and man, it's been a project. Not bad, (love you, Amy!) but a challenge. I'll post more on that once it's complete.

As for this week, I did manage a few tasks that I've put off for a while.

My repro WWII Tuskegee Airman poster came. It's nice, but clearly a print. I'm a bit saddened by that, but I don't think I'll be able to afford a *real* one, so this poster will suffice until that day comes.

As you all know, I wear men's white v-neck t-shirts beneath everything I put on. It's just a good shield of protection for my clothes. A first defense thing, if you will. Anyhow, I was at Target, a place I rarely go, and they were having a sale on men's shirts. 100% cotton, $4 each.

One t-shirt I simply zip-zaged.
Well hell. How can a gal pass up on that? I wanted to add more color to my clothes, so I picked some colors that I knew I would wear.I have a tendency to buy everything and then donate it after it sits in my closet for a year unworn. NO MORE! I say.

I bought 5 $4 shirts with absolute intention of altering their necklines. I do that for a lot of the t-shirts I wear beneath my dresses. Because, really, who wants to see a men's t beneath a lovely vintage print?

Again, I digress....

I did a scoop neckline and cut away the excess collar. It was then, when I was about to zip-zag all the shirts that I decided to root through my rick-rack to see what I had.

Well, a whole lot of awesomeness is what I had!

They are great for wearing beneath a blouse, which is why I did it. I tend to just get stuck in blouses, jeans and sweaters all week. Sure I make the pants, alter the sweaters and such, but I was feeling frumpy in my rut. I really, really need to make some fitting pants. Again, I digress...

The shirt in action.


Eurielle said...

That's a great idea ! Your Ts are looking all feminine now.
I'll try to do one this weekend but doubt that my neckline will look as smoothly cut and perfectly fitted as yours.

Melodye said...

Well, duh! talk about a light bulb moment! Thanks for the great idea. I'm off to Target!!

woolywoman said...

Would you consider doing a tutorial on this? I love the look!

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