My Royalchrome victory!

It's over! The couch/settee is here and I feel a void in my soul is now filled. Yeah an exaggeration, but this royalchrome soap opera is now at it's end and I quite frankly am happy about it.

I've made this dress six times...

And I'm not tired of it. 
In fact, I have it down to a science and can make this dress from cut out to hem in 7 hours. Yeah baby!

Cool Vintage things on the Internet

Happy Thursday everyone!

So sorry about the lack of posts this week. I've been drawing and as soon as I get home from work, I'm all about that. I have been sewing, finishing up a dress, and this weekend I plan on starting some of the MnM projects I've been prepping. A hat from my new repro being one of them...hehehehe.

But this week I have an oldie but goodie. 
I mentioned this on a previous catalog Sunday but it's so cool, I think it deserves another shout out.

Cool vintage things on the Internet

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I'm just resizing the robe pattern and frankly, that's not much to write a post about.

I did want to introduce a new segment to my blog. I'm thinking of doing it weekly, so we will see. I find a lot of cool stuff online, and people send me a lot of links that I think are awesome so here is Cool Vintage things on the Internet.

The blog Autostraddle has a series called '150 years of lesbians' where you see lovely ladies from the early time of the photograph to today. So many cool styles and clothes.

These are two of my favorite images they compiled from all over the web.

If you all find any cool links, blogs, etc that are of the vein of my interests of this blog (vintage sewing, size issues, women, people of color) pass them along so we can all get a kick out of them!

Have a great day!

Adding to the wardrobe.

This has been a strange series of weeks. Things not coming together, then them coming together, jobs, hoping, you know, life. I've felt like I haven't been able to take care of myself lately. It's strange, tiring. Perhaps it's the hot weather because this past weekend made me feel a lot better. That and watching The Golden Child again (love that movie).

I also had tremendous luck. Greyhound FINALLY sent me the money for my missing royal chrome settee. Oh, that's not it. I also finally, FINALLY found another couch frame! Squeeeee! I was thrilled when I found it, thrilled! It should be here sometime at the end of the month (non Greyhound shipping).

And as I wait for it with bated breath, I've been sewing.

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have some quaint pattern illustrations from a local mail order catalog. I saw this catalog a few months ago and simply missed out on the auction. I was thrilled to find another copy, because I though this one was super rare seeing it is a mail order.

So war time 40s, so fashionably spring.

The Make and Mend 2012 sew-along is here!

In celebration of National Sewing Month I thought doing an MnM in September instead of last month would be more apt.

This year's MnM is going to be a little different. I'm going to focus on non day clothing items. Crafts and accessories! Yay! These are all items we need but don't necessarily give a lot of time to. I plan on making and reworking a number of things.

The criteria for this year's MnM is as follows.

  • Make two crafts from scrap fabric, (hat, pot holders, table runner, etc.).
  • Rework one garment.
  • Make two wearable items not meant for day wear (i.e. : jim jams, robe, slip, etc.).
  • Embellish one item (i.e. faggoting, pin tucking, embroidery, etc).
  • Make one item (in addition or one of the items above) for someone else.

Now, since a lot of people are busy, I'm not going to ask anyone to participate directly in this sew along. If you want to, great! I'd love to have you! I'm going to place this picture in its own Pinterest board, and if you'd like to join in, re-pin this to your own MnM board and share it and post the images for all to see!

I'm going to run this MnM until the end of October.

Also, for those that DO wish to participate, and manage to complete the MnM, I'll offer a prize, one of my reproduction patterns of YOUR CHOOSING! Whoo hoo! 

Okay all, the image is in its folder, so if you wish to participate, lets go!
Have a great weekend!

New Pattern Day Yay!!!

Finally, I have it completed!
My hat repro!

This quartet has stylish hats all different from each other. You know how some hat patterns interchange the same pieces to make up different styles? Not this pattern. It's a great value!

PLUS it's a 30s hat pattern! WHOOOO!
Oh! Oh! AND it's a 23" head! DOOOOD!!!
The pattern is currently in my Etsy store.
Why haven't you bought this pattern yet?

Thanks everyone and have a great Friday!!

Trying to build my brand.

Everything is a 'brand' now. Whether name brand, or trusted, or a nobody, everything has a name. I don't consider that good or bad, but I guess associating that with a mark of quality, you tend to gather a reputation.

I'm not speaking of me, exactly, but I guess I count for that. NewVintageLady is a brand now, so I've been told, and I keep getting all these signs to push myself past my comfort zone. I tried that out this past weekend with a trip to a vintage show.

Catalog Sunday

Yay! I'm back! Got my internets back yesterday! Squeeeee!!!

Today I have an extra large dose of wartime Wards fashions; Spring/Summer 1944.

August Showcase!

Hi everyone. I hope the last days of August have been good for you. Me? It's been a strange.

Apparently my phone line provider (the one that carries my DSL) disconnected my phone line AFTER I paid them. Well, they didn't just disconnect the line, they terminated my DLS service, which is ran by another company! WTF! Who does that! In any account, my DSL tried to remedy the situation by terminating AT&Ts termination request, which they did, but they also put in a new request and well, that screwed everything up. So here I sit, in the hall of my building on mooched wi-fi on the lame battery of my laptop. I'm looking at two weeks until my service is reinstated. Geeze, what did I do to deserve this!?

Catalog Sunday

Sorry for the lack of posts. 
I was hoping to have some great content over the brake, 
but no internet has me in a cafe for now.

So to quell this divide of service, 
I bring some fashion tasties from the 20s.

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