Thursday, February 28, 2013

Funny Face and some name winners!!

Introducing Norma Vie Ladie and Beauregard Lawrence Voiture

I chose Norma because, well, that was my mother's name and when I saw Elizabeth Rose mention it (the first name), I did a head slap. How could I have not thought of that!?

As for Beau, I was thinking about making his name literal, and thanks to Grace Hopkins for giving me that extra push. 

The other characters I'm still working on and I'll announce those winners shortly.
As for Grace and Elizabeth, please email me your addresses and I'll send you both a small thank you!
Have a great day everyone!!


Elisabeth Rose said...

I am so glad my suggestion worked out for you and so excited to win!! Just sent you an email- thank you so much!!

Rozy Lass said...

Great choices for the names. This is really fun.

TheTayloress said...

Your characters are *so* alive!
I'll have to drop in regularly to keep up with their daily bits.

You are such a talented gal. The upbeat, spunky attitude you infuse into your work is great! It would be amazing to meet you in person.
Hope you have friends & family as great as your characters!

Another vintage-sewing fan,

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