Friday, February 1, 2013

Time to start getting ready!

I saw this at Target the other day when I was going to buy Brian a body pillow.
He always scratch at the comforter in the living room 
I've made into a bed and bunches it up for support.

I was correct, he loves the body pillow.

 Now, you may wonder why I have decided to go through all the insane trouble of making a decorative pillow case for a doggie bed, but I thought...hell, I wasn't thinking, I just wanted to try out that cool look. It kinda worked pretty good!

I have issues. I like to make something more complex than it needs to be. I like to overly decorate something that really didn't need to be. Like I said, issues.

Speaking of which, Viva Las Vegas
the Rockabilly convention is at the end of next month and I am going!

I've had the event paid for since before I lost my job, so why spoil a fun time? I am, however, doing it on the chap, as in no real splurge in clothes. I have a good stash of fabric, so I'm going to make some dresses, all of which I'll document on the blog.

It's gong to be hot, I'm not oblivious to that, so no stockings for me. I'm not a vintage wearer who dresses to impress. I dress to look my best and if I impress its just fodder for my awesomeness.

I plan my outfits for any occasion upon a few factors: comfort, style and weather. I gotta look good, my feet cant hurt, and I have to be warm/cool. I'm sure all those have been evident in most of my previous posts.

While at Target getting Brian that body pillow, I stumbled upon some cool flats. I've wanted some flats for a while to off set the tennies and oxfords that I seem to live in. Now, you all may remember the other pairs of shoes I got that I dyed. I still have those, and plan to take those with me to Viva once I fix the heels (I'll get into that in another post).

These shoes fit well, had a vintage vide, were comfy, I could wear with out stockings, and were roomy enough to put my insoles in, which I'll need because I know I'll be doing a lot of walking.

The thing is, I want some color variety, and there were the only two colors available. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

The shoes have a 'suede' finish to them, and that's something the leftover shoe dye I had won't be suitable for. I didn't want to buy anymore dye, so I just decided to use acrylic paint.

I basically glazed the shoes so the softness of the 'suede' finish would remain. I'm going to give them a good 4-5 coats (letting each coat dry in-between) then use some cool ribbon to fancy them up. These little kick arounds will be perfect for walking and accessorizing with my summer vintage wear.

This is just a drop in the bucket of things I have planned for this trip. I want to go all out (creatively). It's going to be fun.

Speaking of which, this is also one of the things I'm going to make, and my newest repro!

I'll give you an update next week. Have a great Friday!!


Scrapyard Butterfly said...

Those shoes are awesome. Planning a trip to target today! As always, Brian is so cute.

seamstresskimberly said...

I love your drawings! I know that they are here all the time- but I just had to pipe up. I'm excited for your upcoming projects and trip-

Lisette said...

Ah, must resist going to Target and buying those shoes! I also have to be tight with money until about April. Alas, alack.

Mariela said...

Man I wish I wear going this year. But it was VLV or my mom's 50th birthday. I chose her birthday. Either way I get to go to Vegas.

I love your shoes. They turned out great. Can't wait to see the bathing suit.

funwithvintage said...

I want to go to VLV! But I don't know anyone who would go with me and I don't think I'm friendly and outgoing enough to meet enough people and not be lonely. And those shoes are great. Gotta have my insoles.

Wendy said...

Brian is sooo cute! Of course our much loved pets should enjoy all the comforts of home. Brian's lovely new body pillow is darling and he obviously quite agrees! I really like the snappy shade you coloured your new pr of shoes; have fun with them in Vegas!

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