Monday, February 18, 2013

It's swimsuit time!

Let's do it!

It's time. I'm ready and you should be as well. Today as the start of the sew-along. I'm going to chat about fabrics and answer some questions that people have had about the repro pattern.

First off, this isn't a baiting suit for the modern lycra or other stretchy fabrics. It's not even the type from the 50s with shirring along the sides. This is an old fashioned 40s suit, and there is not stretch built into this garment. 

Now, I'm sure you could add shirring if you choose, and perhaps if I make this again and get more elaborate I will do that, but for this pattern, which was intend for home sewing, your basic wovens are the fabrics to use. Cottons broadcloths, light wools, etc. The thing about this pattern is that it has a lining, which it's suggested fabric is flannel. I can understand a wool flannel to act as padding for a suit like this. It could add cushion and even protect the skin.

Me,? I think I'm going to use flannel. Why not? I do know for my final of this project, I have some amazing polly blend sharkskin fabric just waiting. 

The green outfit is waxed cotton. Found here.
Though I do wish I had some waxed cotton to make this suit with. That would be amazing! I also plan on making a pool jacket for the suit, too. Gotta look good for Viva.

But first things first. With this suit I plan on doing at least two mock ups. I have plenty of muslin at the ready and I'm going to start the grading later in the week. Actual construction of the suits won't start until next week, so you all still have plenty of time to join in. Check out this post for details.

I don't have access to a 30s or 40s swimsuit to compare the pattern to, and as I said about 50s suits, they are just a different caliber. My thought process for this is going to be fitting snug, and modernizing the cups because there is no way I'm wearing this thing without reinforcement for the girls :) I'll share my creative ideas later.

There you have it, ladies. If you all have any questions about the sew-along, please leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. I look forward to seeing your suits as well!


Peter Lappin said...

I'm not sewing along, but I will be reading with great interest. I made an early Forties one-piece suit last summer and I love the style. Looking forward to the posts, Shelley!

Shelley J said...

I sadly never get a lot of people participating in my sew alongs. I don't really think anyone is going to participate in this one. It would be nice.

synj-munki said...

I've got my fabric!! I'm debating between little green bats on black or blue star wars. I'm going to need to adjust the pattern and at least one mockup. I'll do my best to keep up, but my work schedule is unpredictable and there's a chance I'll keep up the first few steps and then be sent out of state for a few months!

(I've also got, like, four other ongoing sewing project i'm jumping b/w depending on my mood, including the ever-elusive final bra alteration from your pattern)

Aunt Fluffy said...

I think I have fabric in the stash that would work, a white with turquoise print. No flannel though, so I'll need to find that.

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