Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wearing Tights with your vintage wardrobe.

Good morning lovely people.
While some of us are gearing up for the warm weather of summer and itching to stuff their winter clothing in the cedar chest for another year, many of us are still bundling up in sweaters for a few more weeks. 

Here in Los Angeles it can be a bit of both. I'm a sweater wearer. I''l most likely be wearing them when its 90 out because that's how I roll. But I do so love my light cotton dresses, and find that even in an LA winter, wearing a wool outfit can be a bit much. 

There are also those days that going bare legged is just not happening. One reason for me, and let's face it, I'm lazy, is that I don't want to shave my legs every day. But that isn't the main reason. Why go through all that trouble, wear your vintage nylons that you save for a special occasion, when you can get some great colored tights for only a few dollars.

Here are some of the tights I've worn in the colder months. 

And here is my yesterday, partaking in my cool blue tights.

They worked well with the matching shoes.
Most gals don't think that colored leggings/tights are vintage.

Vogue 1941

Granted, the vintage leggings were wool and cotton and most likely seamed, but color is the goal here. I decided to stock up a few weeks ago and found this great site online that sells plus size tights. Not just tights for gals that are over 150 lbs, but twice that, and they fit! These tights have a 3 seam crotch instead of normal tights were the two legs re stitched up the center crotch. This makes them very roomy and comfortable.

I tend to buy my tights a size up from the suggested package sizing. I don't necessarily want my tights to act as my foundation garments, because I nearly always wear a shaper over them. I want them most of all to be comfortable and breathable and if they are a bit big, then that is fine.

I also look and hold out for sales. Torrid was having a big sale, buy one get one half off. I stocked up on the more elaborate styles with which I could wear the solid colored tights beneath. I try to pick patterns that seemed classic, but fun. I also have an aversion to wearing tights lighter than my skin tone but that might just be my own hangup.

These I picked up from a closing Avenue plus size store. They are not very good and their fit is on the small side.

I also picked up a few textured pair from Lane Bryant (below). The fit is good, but for $18 a pair I expect a bit more durability. I had a pair run after one wear. I won't be buying anymore from them unless I get them on sale.

These Lane Bryants look good, but these brown ones already have a run. Boo.
I love wearing tights instead of stockings. I have less worry, and can rock some funky colors.

So if you are pondering being cold to look the vintage part because you don't have any stockings, but you have a pair of wicked tights, go for it! Just don't forget to wash them correctly to keep them lasting their longest.

How about you? Do you all experiment with funky hosiery to add flair to your vintage styles?
Have a great warm day!


Kimberly said...

I swore off tights and hosiery years ago, but I, too, still feel the need for covered legs a lot of the time (esp in this cold weather!). I have found that I absolutely love knee socks and otk (over the knee) socks. My latest fav place to get them is bc they try on the socks and tell you if they are good for different size/shape legs and their prices are decent. I do use garters to keep them up (just a piece of elastic I stitched into a circle), esp if I am working but I find them pretty comfy and love being able to add a splash of color to an outfit.

Jane said...

I wear tights and skirts for seven months out of the year here in Michigan. Something about them makes your legs look cuter. At least it seems that way, I get a lot more compliments on my legs when wearing them, then I do when I go bare legged in the summer. Plus all the colors and patterns are fun. I have a bunch of old magazines from the 40s and 50s and there's lots of pictures with gals in tights. I imagine they were a lot more comfortable than nylons and garters. One of the classic looks are cabled ones with tweed skirts.

MmePolaire said...

Those Torrid tights are amazing, I'm so jealous! Finding tights that really fit is such a problem. Once you find ones that you like, they promptly discontinue them!

Emileigh Mimi said...

I love all your tights! I'm the same way, some days shaving just isn't happening, and I wear tights often too. However, I was under the impression that colored tights aren't very "vintage-y", but I'm glad to be proven wrong! Your collection is great and super cute!

Unknown said...

I have a couple pairs of white knee-highs from Torrid. They don't seem to sell them anymore, sadly. They have lace and a bow (they almost look like they're for Sweet Lolita outfits) They fit well, don't droop, and look nice.

Mind you, when I wear dresses/skirts they're all ankle-length. I never have gotten the hang of sitting like a lady.

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