Monday, February 4, 2013

Odds and ends of the weekend.

Happy Monday one and all!!

Oh, my, goodness! Thank you all for responding so enthusiastically and swiftly to my repro pattern! I can't believe the response, it was amazing and made me tear up a bit. It was the best etsy weekend I've had in MONTHS, so again, thank you all I truly, truly appreciate it.

The pattern has been sent to the printers and I'll have it shipped out by the end of the week. For all the small shop and business owners out there, stuff like this makes a difference to us. I know a lot of people like to wait and idle around on a small business purchase, but we feel every buy, and it affects us. So thanks!

Okay, enough gushing. Let's get to business.
My weekend was pretty good. I cleaned the apartment and the dog. I decided to bathe Brian at home and save myself $25. I really didn't want to wash a large animal in the tub because, let's face it, he freaking huge. The shaking and the mess and the water, yuck. That's one reason I've always done self washes everywhere, because I don't want the drama.

Brian post wash!
Well Brian was drama free. In 45 minutes I had him washed, dried, outside walking off the wetness, conditioned and brushed. No drama Brian. He was perfect. The house was not messy at all. I was thrilled.

Also, a friend came over with some items I had her boyfriend re-wire for me. A 30s clock and an accordion/scissor arm lamp. Man, those things are expensive! The one I bought on ebay a few weeks ago was about $25 and that was SUPER cheap compared to the $50 average.

I knew from the minute I bought this that I was going to re-wire it. 
And with the red cord it looks great!

I screwed it to the wall and now it's all in place completing my sewing nook! 
Oh, how I love tweaking my living space.

The 30s clock need to be repaired. It hums, but the hands do not move. When funds allow, I'll take it to this repair shop down the block. I might go in for an estimate.

I also finished painting my shoes. Two pair, actually. The turquoise pair are their original color. I really like them and I'll be so cute at Viva!

I'm told there was some sort of sporting event this past Sunday. 
Whatev. What did you all do this weekend?
Okay! Have a great Monday!!

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