Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bathing Suit part 1: Grading the pattern

Good morning bathing suit enthusiasts
Thanks for watching my drawing binge. I've just had these characters flowing in my head so I wanted to get them on paper while I had the passion to. But, as Viva nears, I must get started on this bathing suit if I'm going to do to it what I want to do to it. Oh, I have some grand plans.

First things first, grading. I gotta say, I have quite a few cheats with this pattern. I'm suing my sloopers as a base for this first grade, and the cups I made for the bra pattern I graded in 2011.

Because I'm using the sloopers, I don't have to think too much about some things. The side bust dart is one. I'm going to try this out by using the dart of the slooper and see if that is a good fit. The original pattern points that dart up pretty high, and I pointed the dart to my apex, which I feel will give the gals more support.

For me, one fo the great things I notices was I didn't have to grade the cup too much, as seen in the picture. This 40 bust pattern is pretty close to my size, which I find pretty awesome.

Hear are the original pattern pieces laid on the flat pattern. There is a lot of extra from the center front panel if I line up the notches accordingly. This is why I take notches with a grain of salt. That, and I'm concerned about how the front panel will accommodate my ponch. Again, this is only the first grade, so I've got a lot of room to work with here.

I added a bit to the sides of the under arm to accommodate some extra side boob I might get. I hope that won't happen.

Next was the waist. I slashed it even across the pattern and creatively adjusted the length for the skirt. The skirt is pretty full on this suit, so I can have a lot of leeway. My focus is on the bust.

The shoulders were good for me on this pattern. That's a first! Here are the two front pieces laid out and sized up. Now, onto the back.

The back of the suit is quite interesting. There are side skirt panels that attach at the button back. There are also two darts that allow for fuller flair of the skirt. 

The interesting thing is those darts match up pretty exact to my slooper. I'm so lucky!

For the back there wasn't too much adjusting needed. I added more flair for the skirt so my butt would have some room. I don't want the skirt of the suit to collect on top of my butt. That would look silly, so I might have to make the waist a bit less defined in the back.

That's pretty much it. No grad developments or challenges. I hope the mock up is as easy.
Have a great day!

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Aunt Fluffy said...

I think I will start mine this weekend. Still cold as anything here, so I am not yet needing the suit, gives me a third thing to sew, lol, beyond a forties jacket and skirt.

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