Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bathing Suit pt 3: My second muslin

Good morning lovely people!
This weekend has been full of sewing for me. I just got into a zone on my baiting suit sew-along.

As you recall, the first mock up was quite successful, but it did have some minor fit issues. The waist was too large, and I blame that in part to my resistance to do princess seamed garments. I just know that they require so much fitting on my end until I'm happy with it that I don't bother. That and I think they make me look bad, but I digress.

I focused on specific points on the seam in order to contour the look. The above pictures I took in at the front center panel.

I also added about 1 1/4" to the bottom of the cup. Plus I extended it about 2 1/2" into the side so that my fuller breasts would have more room.

Here is mock up cut out front #2.

 With the back, I decided to cut away the built in button placket and replace it with a zipper. This way I could get a more accurate fit and not have to worry about bulge from buttons.

I top stitched this zipper into the mock up to test the placket. For the back where the pleats of the back met with the skirt, I moved the pleats over and cut out the excess from the back side panels of the skirt.

Here is the result.

This fit is much better and with the tucks on the waist and the zipper back, I'm getting a much better fit. I'm still wearing this with my bra, but once I start with the lining and with the stiffer fabric, I'm sure the cups will be sufficient. I'm also going to cut down the flair of the skirt some. It's a bit too full for my shape.

  I'm doing a preliminary suit before I do the one in my sharkskin fabric. More later! 
Have a great Tuesday!


DaneMum said...

What a great job fitting the bathing suit!

Kimberly said...

The fit looks a lot better. The shape is totally cute. Can't wait to see it done up in some fun fabric!

Lauriana said...

Wow, That fits a lot better! I wouldn't have thought you could get such a well defined cup shape (lifted and seperated) just in fabric. Great job!
I look forward to seeing the next stage in the development!

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