Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Onda has a new boyfriend.

Good morning lovely people. 
I bought Brian a sandwich.

As my sewing picks up from random projects and as I expand into other creative sewing ventures, the inanimate headless dress form part of my weird family has grown by one as I welcome a male dress form/mannequin into my home.

Meet 'Nekid Ned'. 
I'm doing some costuming work for a company that restores and makes classic movie monsters. This guy, Ned, is going to help me drape a cape for a Dracula costume and later a suit for a 1931 Frankenstein. 

That's better.
I was reluctant to have Onda's new boyfriend move on in but she was rather convincing. 
Onda gets what she wants, and she wants Ned.

I didn't name Ned. As you all know, I tend to name everything (don't forget Josephine) so when the male mannequin came over, I asked, "What's his name?"

"Uh....Nekid' Ned?"

"Okay, Ned it is!"

Onda is pleased, can't you tell? She's smiling! I think he's a bit skinny, but no judgements. 
Look how happy they are.

Hey! Get a room you two!

So help me get creative. 
What's Ned's back story? What isn't Onda telling me?

Have a great day!


Jessica W said...

ha ha! I name everything, too. Ned is too funny!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the morning giggle. Ned is cool. I'm following your bathing suit posts with lots of interest. Very good job so far.

Gail Ann Thompson said...

How do folks make those little yellow smiley faces??? Ned and Onda deserve one.

Lisette said...

Stinkin' cutest post ever. I can see why Onda likes Ned, he's certainly well endowed, in a Ken doll kind of way, haha!

Shelley J said...

That was the first thing I noticed about Ned, his, um...package. Wow, Onda, you like them the way you like them, don't ya? ;)

ROBIN said...

Onda's a lucky lady to have found Ned. She knows a good man(nequin) when she sees one. I'm sure they'll be very happy together once she finds Ned some pants. :)

Shelley J said...

Good one, Robin :)

Kate Hanson said...

I love that you bought Brian a sandwich!

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