Saturday, May 7, 2011

1920s Sun Bonnet

Then it was time to cut out the netting. I wanted the brim of the hat to be floppy, but have some body. The linen I'm using for the hat is quite thin. I was debating with myself if I was going to interline it with the cotton for more body. In the end I decided to simply double the netting. That was a good decision.

Now, I folded over the netting and tacked them together. 
I then sewed the brim and laid the netting inside.

I don't know if this ever happens to others but it happens to me all the freggin' time. Why is it when you cut something on the fold, if you cut two of them separately, why is one side of it ALWAYS LONGER!!??

One side of the netting fit perfectly, the other side was off by a good inch and a half! I don't know why my cosmic alignment is always off, or what ever but meh.

Okay, moving on...

I pinned the brim to the crown and stitched it on. After that I stitched in a cotton band. It's a summer hat, so the cotton can soak up sweat. Also this hat can easily be washed, which was why I kept the fabrics light and breathable.

I then added the inner lining, which I was gonna sew exactly like the crown but then I got lazy, so I just did a running stitch and hand tacked it inside.

I decided to add the band around the crown and top it off with a huge bow at the back. The hat is supposed to sit low on the back of the neck. My hair is in a major puff, so it kinda sits on top. The next time I wash and tame my hair, I'll put on the hat properly.

For this one I think it came out rather well. I think when I make it again, I'll make the crown a bit large to compensate my hair. I keep forgetting to add hair ease.

Finished pictures are on NVL.

Have a great Derby day everyone (I'm from Louisville!).


Bellehoppermarie said...

Totally gorgeous, I want one!
Marie x

Lisette said...

I am now in love with the phrase "hair ease", ha! And that happens to me too, the fold-cut-too much on one side. It's so frustrating. Anyways, it is so adorable! Is this a pattern you are going to repro?

DearHelenHartman said...

Love it. Makes me want to drag the sewing machine out and... who am I kidding? Enjoyed seeing your creation, though.

Debi said...

Oh wow! This is amazing...I'm loving all your hats! Very inspiring!

Shelleyj said...

Thanks everyone!

The Vintage Lending Pattern Library has a hat a lot like this in repro already, so I doubt Ill make a pattern up. Besides, when I make a pattern, I mentally note the mistakes and other parts and if I were to make it for sale Id have to correct all that! Gah! Fine tuning a pattern is a lot of work!

Urban Rustic said...

Wonderful hat!!!So pretty and so so stylish!!

whoFilets said...

I love it! I was just thinking to myself I might be doomed to some kind of pioneer girl big poofy bonnet to fit all my hair (it's really long, and I tend to wear it up off my neck in the summer). and have a big brim. As much as I want to bring back the bonnet I'm not ready to do it singlehandedly with my tshirt and jeans.
I really think I'll look into this hat pattern and let ease into the crown. Yours looks great!

Lady D said...

Ooh, I would have never of thought of using netting. I've been using interfacing in my many experiments with trying to make the 1920's hat I want. But its not quite stiff enough.. (
I thought I might try doubling up interfacing next time but netting idea intrigues me.

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