Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have sewing patterns and fabrics from Wards 1929/1930. 
I was drooling over those fabric prints. 


angldst said...

I love the 'shades for day or evening' commentary on a lot of the fabrics. Interesting to find out which shades are considered best for day/which for evening. :)


Rebecca said...

All those printed silks are to die for! Love your catalog posts. :]

ilovedolly said...

wow that's definately drool worthy!

Summer (Our Heroine) said...

What gorgeous fabrics! I'm amazed by the selection, and also by the price differential. I'm happy to have modern fabric widths if nothing else.

suzq said...

These are invaluable for those of us trying to find modern equivalents of old fabric prints. I've got three 1930's dresses in the roster and I've struggled with the prints. This is a huge help!

Shelleyj said...

Try, suzq. They have some great prints.

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