Sunday, February 5, 2012

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday as I wade through this...

This is my Sewing Area. I just have to neaten it up a bit :)
...I finally set up my scanner and am bringing to you lovely scans from Singer in a sampling of all the major pattern companies from winter 1939.


Michelle C said...

The first two dresses are absolutely timeless! Without the retro hairdos [and dates] it would be hard to say whether they were new this year or not. I love these.

Vintage Cherry said...

Lovely, thank you - wouldn't a tuck away sewing room be heavenly - I just have the kitchen table!

Lauriana said...

Those are great. What a treat to see photographs (and in colour even) of ladies wearing these designs instead of the usual illustrations. Lovely as those are, these pictures really bring the look to life.

Also, best of luck with the rest of the un-packing.

SJ Kurtz said...

Oh, the tuck a way sewing corner! There is no tucking mine away.

And hey, what great light in yr place! Congrats again!

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