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Alterations alterations.

The loveseat restoration is coming along. This is the SECOND soak of the cushions. You don't wanna see the water color of the first soak.

I've been looking like a slob. At least I feel I've been looking like a slob.
Me. Here. Slob.

It's because my everyday clothes don't fit they way they did. I have been wanting to take them in for a long time, but never put forth the energy. I decided to in list Onda in this process.

My Land's End sweaters have always been too large. Boxy to be exact. I put one on Onda and pinned it to a better shape. I had no idea there was that much ease. I then overlocked the inside, cutting away the excess and used a ziz-zag stitch to make the seam and now it fits much better.

I've also been making some pants out of the old covers of my 'closet'.

The fabric is black denim and wears great, but I've been feeling a bit like 
Goldilocks in finding the right fit.

 One pair is too short, one pair was too large, one pair fit real good but the waist is too big. Damnit. I'm determined to get a good fit!

I was hemming a pair of my newest jeans this morning (more photos to come) at the kitchen table because I wanted to wear them today. I'm wearing them now. Hehhe. Gonna be late for work but some things can't be helped. :) 

Sometimes you just get the urge to wear something just then, right now. 
Tee hee.


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