Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catalog Sunday

This Sunday I have separates from Sears 1943.

Isn't is odd that both those pictures have the SAME POSES!
It's like an x-ray seeing through their pants!
I always thought the model in the red looked like Hillary Clinton.


eileensbasement said...

Ah the blouses! The man-tailored slacks! The bathing suits! The shoes! I just love all these things from this era. Thanks so much for sharing this week and all past weeks. I love this feature.

Lisette said...

It's terrible, but I can't help laughing over the brand name of the swimwuits - "Sea-Ho"!
Also, I have a culotte and top pattern for bicycling just like the girl with the bicycle. Thanks for posting these!

Edelweiss Patterns said...

OH, what adorable pictures! Those pants were so much more flattering than the ones we wear today with the waistbands that almost look like the waistbands from Edwardian skirts.

And the hairstyles are adorable, too. And those blouses are so pretty! Why can't we all look like that today?

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