Friday, March 30, 2012

Your to do lists.

Everyday in my mind I conjure up a simple to do list of odds and ends that need to be completed that day. Actually, I'm a very list oriented person, and I find I make tons of to do lists, micromanaged down to the hour. All in my head, all actually doable.

The problem I have is I get lazy, or rather, I get a case of the 'do it later's. "I can wash my hair tomorrow night." "I can do laundry on the weekend." "I'll list that pattern in etsy tomorrow." "I'll sweep the apartment next week." Etcetera. I beat myself up about it all the time. I could have done more, I can push myself to keep going. I actually want to keep going.

So I did. It's not a big deal, but I completed 7 weeks of dance classes, not missing a one. Three classes a week, two nights a week during the week. Oh, I wanted to stay home and 'take a brake', but I decided to keep going, keep pushing myself and I'm just glad I did.

The small things are just as important to me too. It only took 5 minutes to take these pictures of my finished pants. And an evening to wash these couch cushions, which turned out great, sans the stray threads that got laundered loose.

It's stuff like this that I always feel I fall short on. The basic maintenance of myself. What I like to do, the perpetration of it all. I've decided no more. I'm going to push, just put the effort in doing all those little mundane tasks that don't take a lot of time, but we are all mentally blocked into thinking they are going to take more time and be more trouble than they actually will be! Geeze, why do we do that to ourselves?

It's been slow going and though I do tend to have more on my place in those little tasks than one person can do in an afternoon after work, I do try to get it all done. Like tonight, I washed three loads of laundry, folded and put away 5 loads of laundry, cooked diner, washed my hair (which I ALWAYS procrastinate on) and got those cushions mended. I think that's pretty good!

Now I can get ready for the weekend. Geeze, it was full by Wednesday! Dancing on Friday, a food truck festival on Saturday, a birthday party Sat. evening and something on Sunday...I have to check.

Man, I'm gonna have to start keeping a calendar! For real this time! :)


Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh my goodness I could have written this! I do have a lists and rarely complete them. I always put things off and then when I do them I realise it's only taken me a short time, well some things. I always put off listing on ebay and etsy as that is time consuming, but then you get money and I need money!! Anyway just wanted to say you are not alone...

Shelley J said...

It does take that extra push to just want to get stuff done. I'm just happy that I'm finally pushing myself more because I always feel I need to work harder.

ROBIN said...

I'm with you. I am such a procrastinator. Without a list, I'm lost. I have to number in order of importance and I still only get about 50% done, but it's better than nothing. I love the pants. Are they from your own pattern? By the way, I can tell you really are losing weight. I guess I need to find some dance classes.

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