Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm tripping over Royalchrome!

My office window.
Happy Saturday everyone.

I'm finishing up getting my furniture in order and prepping for the housewarming. As I was waiting for my friend this morning to come and complete my existing Royalchrome, I was thinking about the furniture already in my home. 

My tumblers came.

 I was scouring eBay looking for my other couch (which should be here today mind you) and I saw some late 50s chairs. I was all, hey, that's the chair at my drawing table. I paid $20 for it. Turns out these chairs go for $200+ now. Of course, mine isn't in the best condition, but look, it's a Royal! I had no idea! I had a family of furniture and didn't even know it!

Also, something else came. I wanted a wheelie stool for my vanity in the bedroom and most of what I saw was over $100, modern. 

I'm gonna put a skirt on the table soon.
But when I saw this one, which is a Royal, and I had to get it!! It fit my need, well under my budget and it's what I wanted. Don't you love it when that happens?!

I also have this metal chair. It's unmarked, but it sure does look like it's in the Royalchrome family.

My friend Craig came by this morning and in ten minutes we had the couch all set up! Yay! I order new cushions for both couches which I hope to have this week, and I think I'm going to go to the fabric district today and get some upholstery fabric for the whole lot!

Squeeee!! I love shopping!!


SJ Kurtz said...

It's a family! Or is it a theme? Themepark? Looking quite fine in any event.

Today at my house it's PDF day for a pattern. Tedious revisions and readjustments. Oh, did I measure that wrong? Ooooh nooooo! Retrace! Coffee Break!

Ashley B. said...

Homestarrunner figurines?! How great! I think I might be more jealous about those than your awesome furniture!

Stonemaven said...

I have a loveseat and 2 armchairs that look remarkably like your RoyalChrome chair. Now I have to go flip stuff over and see...

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