Friday, April 13, 2012

New Pattern Day Yay!!!

I have a new repro just in time for the season. 
A lovely mid 30s day dress with a half apron!

I'm calling this The Springtime Dress.

This dress is a 44 bust and has two sleeve options for the bodice, a puff sleeve with a decorative sew on, and a drop shoulder sleeve. The bodice also has two neckline treatments. The skirt has two front pleats and optional pockets. I picked this design to repro because it has so many options. As you all know, I'm always on the look out for patterns that give tons of value, and I think this one does. 

I'm going to make this one up myself for summer!
Have a great day everyone!!


Regena said...

what is the waist on this pattern. There is a 30's event coming up this summer and I would love a fun pattern that is easy to make and adjust.

Shelley J said...

Its a 44 bust, so the waist would be 38. The measurements are pretty standard. Look in the column of my blog, I have a chart for measurements from the 20s to mid 40s before vanity sizing.

Regena said...

I would have to do some alterations, that's for sure......I will peruse your patterns to see what else you have. I haven't made myself a new period outfit in quite awhile...except for a corset

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