Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catalog Sunday


Sally BC said...

Looking at these pages, and seeing your blog description, brought back to mind my grandmother. She would never have said someone was fat or heavy - STOUT was the word. Yes it means the same thing, but somehow is more.... I don't know, gentle? nicer? Something along those lines. Lets work on bringing it back!

Kat said...

@Sally: stout describes the shape. Fat describes the body composition (like "bony"). That's why it's nicer. You can be stout and an Olympian or stout and totally average in strength. Dig it.
Anyway actually came in to say LOVE THIS. Love 40s fashions. I am dead ready to make one of those dresses.

Res Naturae...Celebrating the Beauty of Nature said...

I LOVE that these fashions represent REAL peaople in all their real beauty, with no apology!

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