Friday, April 6, 2012

Yay border prints!!

Happy Friday one and all! 

Brasco likes the new cotton rug in the bathroom.
Things are going pretty well for me. At work, the company just hired two more people to assist me with the work I'm doing (I have underlings!). I've been getting tons of deliveries of produce (I have a CSA) and am eating better. I have a juicer coming soon (yay) so I can start juicing my way to happiness.

I'm also in the process of planning a housewarming party at the end of this month. It's the first party I've ever planned for myself, and I have a lot of interested friends. I'm very excited about it. 

But onto sewing.
Yay border prints!!

Spring is here and summer isn't too far behind so the light flowery fun theme of border prints is seeping into my mind. I love the look. It's just delightful. My only reservations are the amount of fabric they take and the extra planning. You have to make sure your pattern is sized just right to make a border print look successful.

I have quite a few modern border print cottons in my fabric stash and I'm itching to use them. Seeing them come back in style with in recent trips to the fabric district makes me happy. They are so feminine and youthful. Just great stuff.

My new border print dress is what I plan to wear to my housewarming  party. It's going to be 'cocktail attire requested, though not required'. I have a lot of vintage friends who love nothing more than the chance to dress. How can I deprive them?

Last night I went to bed at 7:30 and woke up at 4:30. I did a few things around the house, the decided to cut out my dress.

I did the front yoke and the sleeves in red linen. I wish I could do them (sleeves) in the border print, but I didn't have enough left when I cut out the skirt.

I decided to use the skirt of one of my previous patterns. It matched up the front of the yoke of my Du Barry pattern perfectly, so why resize another skirt? I measured the length of the pieces relative to a finished skirt from one of my dress of the same pattern because with the border print, it requires a bit more planning in the hem. My pattern pieces were pretty even, so I just marked about an inch higher and placed the hem there. That way, the extra blue of the fabric bottom will make up the difference and the print design won't be right at the hem's edge.

The thing is, when I was marking the skirt from my dress, I found a burn on the seat of the dress!!

 Now I have to patch it. Good thing I have a bit of that fabric leftover. Okay, back to the border print.

 I think this is going to be cute! It should be pretty simple to put together once I overlock the pieces. I'll see if I get any of it done this afternoon and tune in tomorrow for potential progress.

So what are your feeling on border prints?


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Wow I admire you doing a border print project, I've never attempted one myself, perhaps I should branch out! Can't wait to see the end result.

MistressCatgirl said...

You have a lot of great patterns.

Lisa said...

I love the fabric in the last picture. I am always so impressed with these dresses when I see them already made but I didn't know what they were called! You learn something every day. Good luck with your project, you know it's going to be gorgeous!

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