Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Okay, not in the way you were thinking.

I went out yesterday getting glasses for my housewarming (I'm really nervous about the party, too) and picked up a couple of shadowboxes for some of my buttons.

Yes, that's my cat at the top :)
These boxes were a pretty good deal at $20 each. They are 18" long, 12" tall and a good 3" deep. Perfect for the odd taxidermy diorama... 

Image from LovetoDeath
But I digress.

I was going to add more buttons to my walls and I thought these would be great. One thing I wanted to do was add the few extra/newly acquired Pilchers cards to my already existing box. 

Moving them to a larger box was ideal.

I wanted to keep that same orange paper on the new box so I unscrewed the back of the box and popped out the pin cousin backing. 

It's a soft pressed press board, so if I bent it too much, it would surely crumble.

I cut the remaining paper I had to fit and lightly tacked the edges with glue. I was not sure if the added bulk of the paper to the pressed board would slide back into the snug frame alright, so I used the paper sparingly.

It fit.

Once it was in, I just replaced the backing board, flipped it over, 
and arranged button cards to my hear's content.

Because the press board is soft, it's designed to be used with pins. I had a packet of vintage pins that were too small for me to do anything anyway, so shadowboxing you go!

Well, that was quick! I had the crafting bug by now, so I went on and used the second box (as is) to showcase my 'men smoking on button cards' collection.

They all fit!

I'll hag these up tomorrow. They are not heavy and will only need two nails. The larger Pilcher's will go right back where the smaller one was. And now I have a spare box. It's smaller, so I think I'll fill it with tiny 20's button cards. Man, I love this stuff!

Any of you do shadowboxing?

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!

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Peter Lappin said...

What a brilliant idea. Well done! I love your new place, btw.

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