Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An organized sewing space and photoshoot!

I like being organized. I don't think that is too much of a secret. I'm not anal about it, but I do like the idea of things in neat boxes and folded properly and knowing that an item will be there when I go and look for it. Sometimes I forget where I organized it, but none of us are perfect.

It irritates me when I slack on my organization. Between work and projects and me buying too much fabric, I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed to do something about it. I wanted the space to be more ascetically pleasing because it is in my living room. When you walk in, you see my sewing space first, and a large shelf of unruly fabric isn't how I want to greet guests.

I was originally looking for vintage lockers to replace my industrial shelf, but I felt that was redundant buying. I have this shelf, and because it would end up in storage, I decided against that. What I did do was buy some boxes.

I took my fabric and sorted it into piles and from there, I sorted accordingly fitting fabric into the boxes. I then adjusted my sleeves to fit the boxes and re-organized everything.

I feel sooooooo much better. It just makes me happy when things are in their place. Especially an area that has so much stuff. Constant maintenance. But I guess any craft is constant maintenance, isn't it?

Speaking of which: There were some requests to see me in my maroon sateen dress.

 And my kitty, always needing to be in the spotlight.
How about you? Do you all feel the need to keep up with organizing? 
Do you get anxious when things are not in their place?
Have a great day!


Nothy Lane said...

Love the dress! And I feel better when organized too but I am just not motivated to do it right now...

Lisette said...

The dress looks great! You seem so good at sewing to suit yourself. I can't sew anything when my space is disorganized, it stresses me out too much mentally.

sewforward said...

I am envious your fabric organization is great! I try to get organized and then CHAOS!
My cat wants to be to be the center of attention - in fact he is trying to walk across my computer keyboard RIGHT NOW! Argh!

Macska said...

Gorgeous dress! Looks wonderful on you. I love the constrast on the drape in the front, it sets off the maroon nicely.

I always want/need to be organised. But my life never seems to agree with me. *sigh* It's a never-ending battle, trying to make order from chaos.

Shelley J said...

Aw, thanks! YOu all are so sweet!!

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