Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is how you wear a housedress.

Happy Saturday one and all. I hope your weekend is full or rest, cookies and some booze if needed.

My weekend is full of projects as usual. I'm planning on writing, drawing, and finishing the editing on a piece of animation. I'm also going to read some. I'm reading Cloud Atlas and I want to finish it next week. I'm only 100+ pages in and it's not grabbing me just yet, but I'm starting to see connections. I think it will be one of those books that you don't put it all together until the last page. I'm cool with that.

Starting the quilt.
You know what I've been doing? I've been filling those pieces of time in-between things with work. You know how you often use a book or even a cross word puzzle to fill those moments in if you are waiting for something or going somewhere? I filled it with quilting and it paid off.

Yes, that is my FIRST finished block. WHOOO!!!! I worked on this a few squares at a time during lunch at work a couple times a week, and taking the bus to and from work. I got a lot of stares, "People still quilt?" I'm sure they say, but I keep my headphones on and smile. I can't believe it came together so quickly.

It has some minor cosmetic things that I'm planning on fixing when I get it sewn to it's cotton backing near the end of the project, but all in all I'm quite pleased with this block. Now I get to start on ironing the next 25 squares (which I've started already) and I do it all over again, and again…I'll post progress pictures from time to time, randomly, because, this is going to take forever, so just expect to get sick of it.

Speaking of sick, I am of this project. But it did turn out badass.

I am very pleased with how my MnM robe came out. It's warm and soft and comfortable with its drop sleeves and two button waist. 

I didn't want to do a belt, not for a house dress. If I'm bloated, I don't want to worry about a tight belt and it flapping all over the place because it's so loose. I went with the elastic loops that I put in my new dresses and it worked out great, except this robe has a drop waist seam, so I had to reinforce the fabric with some cloth before I attached the buttons.

The inside button.

It turned to swell  and after much, much hand sewing and some fighting with the collar, it's complete. I want to make another one, but make it out of crap patchwork fabric and then put it together. I have so much fabric that isn't large enough for anything substantial so I'm just going to square it all off and sew it all up.

Lastly, I keep getting people wanting to see me wear the clothes I make, so I'm planning on doing a photo shoot at least once a week in something I've made that I don't think you all have seen me in. Here is the first one
Me and lounging go hand in hand.

Have a great Saturday!


Lisette said...

Despite the minimal colors, that housedress is very sophisticated! I think it is one of my favorite things you've made!

EJ said...

My god, woman, that's not a housdress, it's a work of art!

It's absolutely gorgeous that even though I like being me just fine, right now I wish I was you.


SJ Kurtz said...

My make and mend is mostly mend. Right now I am replacing the sleeve linings in a thrift store coat (those linings being almost an inch smaller around than the sleeve, which explains the ouch at the elbow). The only Make is a tote bag pattern that has my brain all happy and dancy (engineering!). Hoping to have gotten some new clothes/a piece of new clothing/SOMEthing out of it,'s not shaping up that way. Damn.

Shelley J said...

Aw, thanks EJ!

ErikawithaK said...

Love your cathedral windows! I started one about 4 years ago and haven't worked on it in years. The best part of it was that it was a portable sewing/quilting project that was instantly pretty!

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