Monday, November 26, 2012

My Christmas List!


I got started and finished early. 
I put up a wreath on my front door over the long weekend.

Got my vintage Christmas tree (my first tree as a grown-up).

People have been hinting at what I want. I hate when people shop for me. Not that I don't like surprises, but most people I know don't know my tastes. Especially my family. 

I got to thinking about what treats I'd want this season, and though I'm not one to make a list and expect stuff, I looked around and picked some of the treats I already did for myself that I wanted.

Made another hat from my repro pattern. This is a midnight cotton velvet.

Finally, all three of my vintage pattern ad signs have been professionally framed.

I have my royal chrome furniture, as you all know. Hey, I'm sitting pretty good. I don't really need anything for Christmas. My family is good, I'm employed, I have medical insurance. I'm doing *well*. But, if I could get something, if it were gifted to me, it would be these lovelies.

Get your pins ready *wink wink*

 I've wanted a needle board for years, but just could not muster the funds to drop on an oversized cat brush. This, along with finally getting my sewing machine serviced are two of the larger gifts I'd want.

But if I could get one thing, it would be this.

You all know I have an eclectic collection of black Americana, and this fur clip would be an mazing addition to my collection. It's being sold on Ruby Lane and I want it so. The seller's asking price is pretty ridiculous, but who knows, they might go down more.

 Ha! It's the season! Time for scarves and friendly greetings and coffee and brandy and cookies fresh from the oven! Yay!! On that note I'll leave you with the completed design of my new holiday card.

It will go out to the printers this weekend :)
What are your materialistic desires for the holiday?
Have a great day!!


garofit said...

I hope you get your fur pin, it's pretty amazing!

SJ Kurtz said...

In my heart, I want a PDF compiler for patterns. I'm too old to learn pattern making software (though I keep trying) and also too old for more stuff. I can't think about the holidays until I get my Make and Mend stuff done and the photos sorted out.
Mostly, I want world peace. Damn old hippie!

Wendy said...

Happy Holidays! Your white Christmas tree is so cute and reminds me of a pretty silver one my grandmother had many years ago. Also your holiday card design is sweet! You are very talented :)

Amybee said...

Hey! I love your hat, I would love to buy one, do you sell them?
If so, please contact me, my email address is

Many thanks
Happy Christmas


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