Friday, November 9, 2012

My first left handed tool!

Hi all! It's Friday and you know what I plan to do this weekend!
Getting through some of my 200+ squares I cut last night!

That's right, I experimented with cutting some fabric with my new rotary cutter. No, I remember having one somewhere in my stash, but I looked for two weeks in and around my art supplies and I couldn't find it. Well, JoAnns was having a 60% off one item sale, and I got this cutter for $20.

I've never bought left handed tools. I hate left handed scissors, and all those novelty things that are made for us southpaws. But this, this cutter is a good idea. The blade is on the inside of the user, which is how we mostly cut anyway, so now I know what it is like for *this* thing. Other left handed products, not so much. 

I'm still getting used to it.

This was my work form last night. After I ironed one piece of yardage, I folded it, and then cut it in 6" squares. I got over 200. From there I started folding the thick fabric and worked out the bugs in the folding. Now I'm in the zone.

I plan on doing the quilt in 25 square intervals. 5x5 and then mosaic them together.
So what design was I going to use? Yeah, I decided to use a design. I wanted something that was colorful so I could use a lot of the scrap fabric I have, simple, so I could have little to think about, and vintage inspired so it would work with my decor.

From a basic google search of deco glass, I found this mouse pad.

From this image, I did a grid of 90"x108" which is 36 squares by 43 squares.
I gridded the diagram accordingly and came up with this.

I'll do the squares in 5x5 square intervals and piece together from there.
I'm excited by this project and I'm more excited to use a lot of my excess cotton scraps.

I decided to start the quilt while I do some more sewing projects in tandem. This is gonna be fun! I'll keep you all posted. Have a great day!


RabidGlow said...

I got this same rotary cutter for my B-day last year and I still can't shut up about how much I love it. Happy cutting :)

D' Nalof Fashion said...

Great Idea on the 60% off coupon, I had not thought of that - will take advantage next time I see it, as I am also a lefty!

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