Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Great Day Yesterday!

Some good news last night!
Oh yeah, there was that, but I meant my fabric for my quilt arrived! Wine celebration indeed!

That roll on the floor is my cotton fabric. It's a cream sateen with a shantung textured back, so I have a smooth fabric with some texture. The fabric has a stiff weave, so I'll have to see how it works with folding. I think it will take a bit, but it will be cool.

I cut the 26 yards into roughly 4 yard increments and surged the pieces for the laundry. I also bought some pique for the back of the quilt. It will look great.

Also earlier in the week, I took a fitted sheet that I was never going to use, and decided to make some pillow cases for two body pillows I have.

I also decided to take some of the bold canvas I used for my shelf earlier this year, and make covers for my furniture.

I mean this is ugly.

This looks much better. I made two for the couches and one that is pieced for the chair. These took no more than a couple of hours total.

I can just toss these in the wash and put them back on. Brasco even seems to like them.

Last but not least in this MnM edition, I finished the new pot holders from scrap pique fabric.

I decided to hand stitch the bias trim and it took a while, but looks great!

Here they are in their natural environment. I really love them! Oh, sewing! Yay!
Have a great day!


MmePolaire said...

very cute! I like the idea of the cushion covers, I might make some for Christmas!

Shelley J said...

Thanks! The cushions work great, they even keep the seat cushions from pulling apart :)

Lisette said...

I'm excited to see this quilt project! I love patchwork but have yet to take on a whole quilt that isn't a t-shirt quilt.

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