Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend of aesthetic warmth.

Good morning everyone. 
Hope you all had a nice weekend. I staied at home and actually worked on sewing! I got the second pack of royal chrome furniture and stowed those in my storage locker, and I got the cool boxes I ordered from House designs earlier in the week.

I'm an ascetics snob, I'll admit it. I love the vintage industrial minimal ascetic, and I try my hardest to make that look shine through in my home.

Here are the white boxes (mind you, not that bad looking) on my computer shelf before I transferred all my modern stuff in the typeface boxes.

Here is the after. I LOVE the look. I even got out some of my DVDs and placed them on the shelf. Why? Not sure, I just opened up the box sets a I was cleaning out my closets.

There's my Christmas tree!!

I also started on my quilt!! Super excited about this project! It is going to be great! Too bad I won't have it anywhere near done for this winter. HA!

And I finally, finally began my housecoat. It was cold this weekend. 
So cold I broke out the space heater. 45 degree evenings calls for warmth.

I used some wholesale 'wool' that I bought some time ago for this robe. The side panels are a 70's polly-wool blend. I love the drop shoulder and plan on making longer sleeves and pockets from the tan fabric I have left over.

The gather that the pattern calls for at the waist is nice. It will bunch up nicely at the neck from the excess fabric. I plan on making this again and I do think I'll adjust the darts on the back (which I didn't do this time when I graded the pattern).

 I love the drop shoulder look of this. I think it will make a nice warm and stylish house coat once I'm done. Right now it's on Onda to hang and after about a day or two I'll iron it out and finish it. I may add a belt or just add a single button closure. I'm getting partial to that type of finish.

Alright all, hope your weekend was as productive as mine, back to the grind!


Libby said...

I agree - the boxes are very cool!

But it's "esthetic", not "ascetic". There's nothing ascetic about your esthetic preferences. :)

Shelley J said...

Thanks for catching my spell check! Its actually aesthetic. I missed the 'e'.

Shelley J said...

We spells it different :)

Elisabeth Rose said...

Yes, it is

aesthetic: responsive to or appreciative of what is pleasurable to the senses

but ascetic is also a word, not what you mean:
austere in appearance, manner, or attitude

Shelley J said...

Okay everyone! LOL Ive gotten emails and replies to my admitted word error. I made a spelling mistake which auto corrected it to ascetic and I didn't catch it. I do know the meanings of both words!

Lisette said...

Your quilt is looking stunnning already! What a complicated pattern. Also, the housedress is very chic, I love it.

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