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Cutting the line.

Yeah, Christmas. You do that.

Poor Thanksgiving, seems like a second rate holiday. Never gets its time like it should. It's like the sibling who shares a room with an older sibling, or a person who has their birthday near a major holiday, like Christmas, like me. Thanks Christmas!

I bring this up because as we all know Christmas everything has been in the stores since late July. Now, it's got a full steam ahead being christened with the fall and pumpkin everything. I mean really, everything?

I am making a skirt for a friend that has a holiday novelty print. That's what made me think of this. I want to get it to her in time for the holidays, so I'm working on it this week.

The fabric, a thrift store score, seems to have been made into a duvet from a few sheets. I laundered it, and then cut it according to the measurements that my friend wanted it made. Because the skirt is gathered and has a lot of fabric, I hand gathered the waist and sewed the waist band facing to the gathers. Presto, skirt magic. I'm letting it hang for a day, then I'll add the final waist band and button and zipper.

I think once this is complete, this will be my intake of early Christmas for a few weeks. I'm just glad my friend will get the skirt in time for the holidays :)

What about you all. Are the holidays getting earlier and earlier to you, too?
Have a great Saturday!


  1. I guess I'm old fashioned and a last minute person. I don't really get into Christmas until about two weeks before. I'm not one of those who gets into Black Friday. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, I just hate commercialism.


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