Thursday, November 14, 2013

My second tailored jacket pt 2: The second muslin.

Hello lovely people.

Been feeling like I'm going crazy lately. Not like I need to be committed crazy, but more like I have so many things to do and I'm trying hard to stay afloat but I need to do more, crazy. Life kind of crazy.

I'm feeling really combative and forthright. Not angry, but mostly irritated and sluggish, like I'm falling behind. Then I think, so many people I know are also falling behind, and I don't think that makes me settled, just more frustrated.

It's work, or lack there of. Two projects fell through and one I was hoping to get I haven't heard back, and at this point, I think they moved on. Grrr. But oh, did I tell you guys I got an agent. Three weeks now. I'm hoping, HOPING to get some work in the New Year. HOPING!!!! I guess until then I'll watch The Walking Dead on the internet.

I guess that's why I've been so excited about Vintageville. I love creating characters because I'm more of a drama person than a comedy person, and although Vintageville is WAY more vanilla than what really goes on in my brain, I do really like working on it, so I hope you guys like it too :)

Okay, tangent over!
Let's get to jacket making.
I made a mistake the other post. One picture was actually of the second mock up that I made. I did all the adjustments that I needed and the alter worked great.

The back fits so much better now. The waist is real nice fitting. I could have tightened it a bit more, but because it's a jacket, I didn't want it to be too tight.

Now was the  time to make the final jacket. Plaid, plaid, plaid. How I hate matching up plaid. Could I do it? Would I have enough skill to do it? Lets see...

You can see one cut piece laid over the yardage.

Oh yeah, I'm bad ass. 
Let me just say, this matching really made me happy. I mean really. I didn't think it would match this well and I was thrilled. Felt so relieved.

So now I had to cut the canvas that I'm repurposing for the interlining of the front plaid pieces. The back and sleeves are made of such thick fabric, I didn't feel the need to face them.

From here I go onto hand tacking the canvas to the tweed. So much not fun.
It's going to be a looooooooooog day.
Talk to you later!


Jenn Walker said...

Love the jacket. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I stay away from plaid because I'm scared to death it won't match up!

I love, love, love Vintageville :) I wish it updated daily, but I know it's a lot of work for you.

How exciting you have an agent! I hope they are able to find you some work!

Laura (lap) said...

Seriously I love Vintageville so much. I would wear every single strip as a t-shirt to display the gorgeousness of Vintageville.

T'Pel said...

Love your jacket.

I have a question about plaid matching. It happens that I'm working on a vest for my husband. He selected an unbalanced plaid. When I cut the front pieces, I matched them as unbalanced so the plaid is unbalanced all the way across the front. But I'm looking at your jacket front and it appears you've taken an unbalanced plaid and balanced vertically it across the 2 pieces... How does that happen? This vest is my second attempt ever with plaid. After the first attempt I swore to myself never again. And then my husband comes up with this project... I'm mostly self-taught here so I'm somewhat confused..

Shelley J said...

You cut the pieces out individually, not on the fold. I cut one piece then matched the patter to the other by placing the cut pice on my excess fabric. It take much more time, but its really the only way to be sure of a sound match.

T'Pel said...

Yes, I understand the cutting of the pieces separately rather then on the fold. Just could not quite flip the pieces in my head to come to the result you got. The geometry of reflecting lines isn't my strong point. Ah well. One day I'll figure it out.

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