Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vintageville #13


jennywren said...

Hi, I dont know if its me but I cant enlarge the page. I've tried opening it in another tab but it isn't making any difference.
While I'm here I must tell you a funny story because your gorgeous mechanic is SO reminding me of a time I was flying from NY to the UK one summer night a few years ago. It was hot and I couldnt work the air thing so rang for help and out of nowhere - like a genie in a bottle - appeared a guy that was the image of your drawing - like a black Greek god! To make it worse (or better depending on your viewpoint) he was one of the pilots in full uniform. I just lost the power of coherent speech, seriously, goodness knows what I gibbered at him. Any way he smiled indulgently and leant over and sorted the air thing out, asked if it was Ok - to which I stammered 'Oh yes fine thanks' and he was gone in a puff of smoke (not really but went as quickly as he came). I was left in a dopey dream - plastered to the back of my chair from the force 9 wind the air thing had created! A lovely memory though.

Kimberly said...

panels 4+5 omg cutest thing ever! ^_^

Shelley J said...

Jenny, once the image is opened in a new tab/window, you can click on it and it will zoom larger. Or, you can see them all on Pintrest :)

Kim, thanks!!! I'm glad you all are liking the comic.

I love hearing how people are enjoying it. :)

Robin said...

OMG where is Prince Charming when I'm falling apart? A girl can dream right? Keep it coming, Shelley!

Shelley J said...

And Jenny, THAT is an amazing story!

Laura (lap) said...

That blurting out panel is my favorite so far. Spectacular!

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