Monday, November 25, 2013

New Pattern Day Yay!!

Today I have one in the extension of the men's repros I plan on presenting.
A great 40s windbreaker jacket.

Adrian from Vintageville has been so kind to model the jacket for this cover :)

The jacket is one of two styles; the tab button sleeve/waist option with patch pockets, or the felt front pockets with store blight elastic cuffs and waist. The windbreaker is lined with a front open zipper and two piece sleeves! I love two piece sleeves!

The jacket is a 42 chest and perfect for the rockabilly or classic vintage fella. Cant you see this in plaid or even denim?

I am taking pre orders in my etsy store now.


Lisette said...

Ooh! Too bad my boyfriend is a 36" chest - not even close!

Peter Lappin said...

Shelley, I saw this posted on Pinterest -- it looks great. If you post the pic directly from your Etsy store, or add the link, it will take Pinterest viewers there. Right now if somebody sees it, they're not directed to a place where to purchase it (as far as I can tell).

Shelley J said...

D'oh! I keep forgetting I can do that on Pinterest! Thank's Peter!

Peter Lappin said...

You can just pin it directly from your Etsy store. Good luck with it!

Living Vintage said...

Oh how exciting.

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