Monday, November 18, 2013

My second tailored jacket pt 4: Finished and fun.

Hello everyone. 
Time for the last installment (and tons of pictures) of my tailored-ish jacket.

After adding the collar facing, the front lining and some trim,

all the jacket needed were it's button holes,

and presto, it was complete.

I actually made the jacket too large. It's really snug on Onda, especially the boobs, but I've got  a good 2" more than I really need in the chest. Plus, I can take the waist in more as well. I'll know this the next time I use this pattern for a non-tailored jacket.

These buttons are most likely 30s men's buttons. I used them because they helped tie in the gray from the black of the jacket.


At the shoulder, the front apex seam and that back seam matched really well.

Here are some photos of me in the jacket prior to me going out for the evening to the pub crawl.

The pub crawl was a lot of fun. Apparently we did 8 bars in 7 hours. It felt like two hours, really. We got a lot of looks for the Friday bar crowd. It was fun. I also got a lot of compliments on my jacket. That's always nice. Here are some of the pictures from the crawl. More can be seen on the Facebook page.

 That's it for me. Have a great day!


Graca said...

That is a beautifully made jacket. I like the mixed fabric colours and plaids, it looks great.

kristi said...

great coat! I'm swooning over it!

Robin said...

Beautiful work on your jacket, great detailing, I love the seaming in the back and how the plaids match nicely. Great Job Shelley!

uppereast74 said...

You are so talented. The jacket is beautiful. I am in awe that you produced a tailored garment in such a relatively short time. The jacket looks wonderful on you. I've been enjoying your sewing blog, and just took a look at your professional portfolio. The story boards for Pirate Jenny are marvelous. I'd never heard the version of the song sung by Nina Simone whose voice is a perfect match for the song. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Cheers, Bill

Shelley J said...

Thank you, everyone! :D

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