Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too much a** for the 20s

Yeah, I knew it.

I love a lot of 20s looks and Ive made 20s items before, but none where belt hung at the hip area.

The boxy flapper dresses I always thought were out of my body range. I was right. Well, out of the *back* of my body range.

You are supposed to look like a big old rectangle coming and going. Mission accomplished. I was actually laughing at myself for how close all sides of my body looked in this dress, sans the rear. I just got too much butt, and this style does not help. Its comfortable, and I could see throwing a sweater over this and perhaps wearing it to a lunch, but as far as the most flattering for my figure, not even close. Still I want to make another, perhaps in black velvet with a turquoise sash thats pinned to the dress. Id still be a mass of rectangle, but a stylish one.

More pictures on NVL.

My next completed project is my first attempt at the 40s sport dress.

I do like the look a lot, and the skirt hangs amazingly well. I did a basic curved neckline for the back and front on this first try, but I might square it off on my next attempt.

I want to make one (bolero included) that looks like the golden yellow one of the illustration I drew. Do it in linen. So, so sporty.

More images on NVL.

Lastly I also completed the repro apron.

I went simple on this one and just added a few buttons.

A tip on the back, although the one button look is awesome, it pivots a lot, so you might want to fit it to you and either sew it shut (it will slip over your head just fine) or add two buttons to reduce the pivoting on the closure.

I think this apron is super cute, and fit pretty well. Im totally gonna put this bad girl to use!

And lastly Im getting started on my safari styled Du Barry suit in a lovely linen. Yay!


Meg said...

The 40's sports dress is very very flattering on you, make the squared one if you want, but you don't need to. Well done!

Sassy Lassies Vintage Life said... are always so busy. Everything looks great...and I just love your illustrations!!!

frualeydis said...

I love the tattoo on your back.
And I can't wear 1920s either, way too much boobs and ass.

Latter-Day Flapper said...

Actually, I think that 1920's one is pretty cute, and looks as good on you as it ever did on anyone. If it makes you feel any better, most of those dresses looked bloody awful on women, even when they were in style. They even looked awful on my grandmothers, who were both tiny. (I'm totally not built for them, either.)

Carol said...

I love the brown dress with the scooped out back neckline, that's a really lovely shape. I agree with Latter-Day Flapper about the 1920's dress. I think it looks pretty damn cute on you. The apron is wonderful. I use aprons a lot and this style is so sensible and practical.

lsaspacey said...

I think the 20s dress looks really cute on you. I would just lengthen the sash and perhaps add the contrast sleeves. Usually 20s and 30s dress sashes hung next to the skirt with more length and took some of the attention off the hip line. Otherwise, I think it looks great on you.

NewVintageLady said...

Hi! I actually shortened the sash for the opposite reason, I like the way it draws the eye away from the perpendicular line of the belt back up to the bust and middle of the figure.

Thanks for the compliments on the dresses ladies. I have a LOT of 20s patterns, Im still trying to figure out why ;)

Marilyn said...

Is the 20's dress one of the hip slash and gathered ones? If not, maybe that would be a better one for your figure. It is still basically straight, but there's a little more material in the skirt. I agree, there were very few 20's dresses that looked good on anyone but the very skinny. Just the same problem we are having with the stupid muffin top spandex jeans today.

synj-munki said...

have you considered making the 20s dress with a thin knit, something with weight that would cling to the waist a bit? or even putting it on the bias?

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