Monday, July 25, 2011

Breeches are done!

Lots of stuff happened this weekend!
My hair.

My cat's hair. 
Gave the old man a bath. He was pretty good about it. 
Cried like a big old baby, but whatever.

My etsy store hit its 1200th bookmark and I passed 950 sales! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone! Not to mention my blog is *almost* at 450 followers. Yes!!!

I also ordered a couple pairs of shoes. Nothing extravagant, but as I keep saying, shoes are a big wardrobe deficit for me (more on that later).

In between my freelance gig (yay work) I did some sewing. I ordered some more bras, and they came, so I altered those this weekend. Sewed them with 100% cotton thread, not because I was being snoody, but because that's the only white thread I have in the house! 

They are so comfy now, I've slept in them a couple of times (not intentionally!).

I managed to finish up one pair of the two pairs of breeches I have in the sewing cue. I've made these before. I take a slacks pattern I normally use, cut them above the knee, bather the legs and waist and presto, instant undies. These I put a bit more time into. Mainly the elastic around the legs. 

I wanted something with a bit of cling, but I also wanted something a bit finished, so I wrapped the elastic in. 

One thing I did when gathering the legs was keep the inner thigh area flat. I'm not sure lack of gathers there will make a huge difference in fit or comfort, but it seemed like a good idea at the time, so I said why not.

 I didn't get too fancy with the cuffs, but I did pay attention to the second fold over. I made sure, like with bias tape, the inside fold was slightly longer than the outside so I wouldn't have to worry about gapes when I stitched. Man, paying attention to that little thing worked wonders.

Before the iron.

After the iron. Mmm, ironed fabric.

Once I added the waist band I sewed in button holes then quickly realized I sewed then into the wrong side. D'oh! So I sewed a new pair into the other side and added some simple buttons. 

Presto, breeches (no I won't model them :) 

I want to make 4 more pair of these. I really need to get to it. I've been kicking myself for putting it off for too long. These are awesome to dance in, then you just toss them in the wash. Yay!

So I hope everyone had a good weekend. I think I might bake tonight. I've been itching to make a red velvet cake.


Lila Leeds said...

Hey Shelley,

Your hair looks beautiful :) I've got the original LP of The Stripper. It's awesome. If you'd like it I can burn it for you.


Shelleyj said...

That would be awesome! I hate how this YouTube link messed up the title. It's 'THE Stripper', like you said. Lame. :) That small stuff irks me.

Janice said...

How do you manage to give your cat a bath? Bean would sooner claw my eyes out than succumb to being submerged in water. He HATES water.

Shelleyj said...

Holding him by the neck. Not in an abusive way, but firmly holding him beneath his jaw and around his neck (with one hand) seems to keep him paralyzed. He looks around for how to get free, but as long as I keep my hand in front of his weight, and cup it nearly all the way around his neck (butting high against his under jaw), he cant really move, and it keeps my other hand free for bathing/brushing/cleaning.

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