Thursday, July 7, 2011

June Pattern Showcase!!

I know I've been MIA for a few days. This past weekend I got sick and couldn't do half the things I wanted to. Crumbs. But I'm back and aside from working on an illustration, I plan to do some more sewing  this weekend to finish out Make and Mend.

Hope people had a good 4th. As for the patterns I acquired in June, here are some.

I think this above Simplicity might be too cool for me to even attempt. It's pretty awesome.

I've always wanted to give this pattern a shot. Decades of Style has it in repro, but I got this original. I love it when I find the real versions of repros.

I also added to my button collection. Got these great Victory buttons for $3.

I also got these glass buttons (modern) but I think they will make some great decoration on perhaps a hat?

Have a great day everyone!


casey said...

I have a copy of Simplicity 2161 too! It was one of my first vintage pattern purchases actually. ;) Still haven't made it up though... lol.

superheidi said...

*shriek* I almost faint seeing that 1930s top, what a great find!

Sunshine said...

Those glass bow/propeller buttons are the best modern bits I've seen in a long long time. You wouldn't want to share a source on them, would you? Pretty please ?

Bratling said...

*drool* Love the embroidery on the apron pattern! I can sooo see putting that one some of my nieces' dresses!

Mary said...

Wow, those are wonderful!

Rebecca said...

Such great pattern finds! I really like Simplicity 2161. And those vintage buttons are awesome as well. :]

Debi said...

oooohhhh Simplicity 1513 is to die for!!!

Shelleyj said...

Thanks everyone!

I got the buttons from this store.
$10. They have a lot of glass buttons, too.

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